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Two Bakers @ Horne Road


New to Lavendar is Two Bakers, founded by two aspiring Cordon Bleu graduates and a friend with a passion to cook. The Cordon Bleu alumni association certainly adds sparkle to the cafe designed with an industrial touch.


Was just before the festive season that I visited.



Wish upon a confectionery?


Strawberry shortcakes, eclairs, tarts. Take your pick.


Would homemade muffins tempt?



Desi Salad with Grilled Chicken ($11.80)
Romaine lettuce, sweet spicy mango chutney, pesto, grilled chicken

Described as a flavour of South Asia, the only link it had was perhaps the sweet spicy mango chutney that tasted out of a bought jar of preserve. This was a no brainer salad that I could very well whipped up at home.


Seafood Aglio Olio ($16.80)

The al dente pasta had a whole ton of greens on top - I was not complaining for sure but the seafood in this dish was confusing. Clams in shells and frozen crab meat soaked in brine was served as part of the seafood reportoire which was really unimpressive. I would have gotten a heartier version with cheaper mussels and squid rings.


Siraccha Chicken Croissant ($12.80)

Buttery croissant with a stuffing of a spicy creamy chicken that barely stung the tongue. So where's the spice I question? It could have been one of those offerings by Delifrance.



Chocolate Citron Tart ($7.50)

It was a eclairs versus tart war and I succumbed to tarts eventually despite being nudged to try both. I was not blown away by the tart base made of bland biscuits though I loved the crunch. Plus, the filling was a sticky chocolate, caramel and citrus filling that ended up a tad too sticky for comfort.

Passion they may have but the cordon bleu association made this visit entirely for show because I have had better bakes by non-cordon bleu certified bakers.

Two Bakers
88 Horne Road

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