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Manhattan's Weekend Cocktail Brunch @ Regent Hotel

2014 ended on a delicious note. The last weekend was spent indulging in Manhattan Bar's Festive Cocktail Brunch, also fondly known as the adults only brunch and I may have just set new standards for the last weekend brunch of the year. 

The concept was sold to us over a round of cocktails by the bar one very random visit to Manhattan Bar and adults only, free flow cocktails...sounded very enticing. Throw in more mention on their spread, I was thrilled! The downside of it came when it was difficult to get seats for the 1130am-330pm feast till you drop session. I finally nailed seats almost a month from the day I tried to call, I suppose I had been a very good girl all year long and Santa must have worked his magic somehow, somewhere.

The range was not particularly extensive, just the must haves of an opulent brunch.


Festive touches that make Christmas and year end always so special.


Silver Dollar Pancake
Homemade Pancake, Caramelised Banana, Vanilla Rum Butter

Shaped so small, the size of half my palm and stacked up - I thought I was in miniature land or even better still, playing masak masak. In its teeny tinyness, the pancakes were still fluffy and immaculately flavoured with rum better and sugar crusted caramelised bananas.


Bacon and Egg
Soft Boiled Fried Egg, Chicory Salad, Cornichon


Tasted just like scotched egg except the egg was cooked till the yolk had hardened. I would prefer it slightly runny though but otherwise, amazing execution with the bacon chunks.


Pan Seared Scallop
Sweet Pea Puree, Glazed Baby Carrot

Sweet, bouncy and seared perfectly, three plates later I wish I had more space to accommodate this delight.


Smoked Foie Gras
Cranberry Gastrique, Sweet Potato Hash

Foie gras is quite the arch enemy in a buffet. Eaten ala carte, it is precious, rich and hardly enough but put me in a buffet I always shrink away in fear of being overladen before I take on more goodies. Same with this, two plates and I almost called it a day.


Prime Rib
Au Jus, Pickled Mustard Seed, Bread Crostini

I was disappointed with the prime rib, lacking in flavour and somewhat underwhelming.

The above dishes were made upon ordering whilst the rest were part of a buffet line that was always brimming with food.


Straight from the DIY salad corner, bacon bits and greens without dressing tastes just as good even without the sinful caesar dressing.


For the unadventurous, there are pre-made sides like this brussel sprouts tossed in bacon - terribly yummy.


Deviled eggs in my opinion is a fanciful name for egg mayo.


Christmas cannot be avoided on a buffet table - honey baked ham and turkey for those who have not gotten their fill of the festive goodies by New Year's Eve.



A selection of rich American bivalves awaited us with a range of sauces. I loved having them shucked on demand.


American oysters with a dash of horseradish is pure ecstasy.



The seafood counter was made complete with a display above.


Extravagance in every item on the cart - maine lobsters, shrimp cocktails, ahi tuna and scallops.


My favourite shade of orange.


Shrimp cocktail in what tasted like minestrone, superb combination.


Ahi tuna so daintily presented.


Octopus salad that needed some extra seasoning, certainly was not the star feature of the seafood table.


A little heavy on brine but otherwise, having the luxury of lobsters is always just a joy.


Enter the cheese room but first get greeted by the impeccably flavoured cheddar jalapeno biscuit that is laced with a mouthwatering spicy kick.


Audaciously delicious. 


Cheese Room

I say cheese to cheese! Pun deliberately intended. Truly a fromage feast with a seasonal selection of artisan American Cheeses, fresh-baked pretzel bread and condiments.


Hard to find a favourite when every stinky chunk smelt and tasted just like heaven.


Basilico's famous breads, I had to save some space for them!



Handrolled and baked fresh with a creative reportoire of toppings and home made cream smears.


The bagels came in a variety of flavours and I could pair it in a dozen permutations and combinations of bagel bread, spread and stuffing. There was a server incharge and tell him your preferred flavour and it will be sent to your table.


Smoked Salmon with Parmesan Bagel

These little baked bagels packed such an addictive chewy punch, thank goodness they came in such small sizes which was great for eating more than one!


The blueberry cream cheese was as satisfying as the savoury bagel.


Instead of their famous savoury popcorn, they served caramel popcorn.


There were a number of sweet pies available and I always wish for more space to have a slice of each.


Delectable cupcakes that came in 3 flavours - chocolate, blueberry cheese and cranberry.


This 2015, I wish upon a chocolate star for more of these decadent feasts!


I recognised this from the Manhattan Bar small bites menu - a snickers bar reinterpreted with just the same amount of sin and sugar!


This had to be the most ingenious and straight forward dessert - oreo cheesecake literally. I half expected it to be just an oreo cookie but this was moist and tasted just like an oreo cheesecake.


Chocolate bacon chip lolly won the vote for perfect execution, it is strange yet ridiculously delicious how sweet and salty go so hand in hand.


A chocolate brittle pastry that was fighting for the same stomach space I had. Truth be told, every item on the dessert table was sooooo delicious!


Deliciosity continues into the pies and shooters too. Sigh, why did I not arm myself with 2 stomachs for dessert?


Not forgetting this super scrumptious chocolate chip cookie that Santa would have loved with milk.

The perk of this Adults Only Cocktail Brunch means a freeflow of alcohol, kids not included.


The Flowing Bowl
Sipsmith Summer Cup, Fords Gin, Fresh Lemon, East Imperial Mombasa Ginger Beer, Fresh Berries


A floral and fruity light cocktail that can double up as a spiked fruit punch!


Bloody Mary Cart
Vodka, Gin, Tequila, Tomatoes, Spices


The bartender in action where he concocts bloody marys based on your choice of gin, tequila or vodka. It is a pity this station was not particularly popular despite the wide variety of toppings they had in the cart.


My very own bloody mary with quails egg, candied bacon and asparagus. This could pass off as a gazpacho actually!


Old Cuban
Plantation Original Dark Rum, Fresh Lime, Organic Mint, Champagne, Angostura, Bitters


Ward Eight
Redemption Rye- Fresh Orange, Fresh Lemon, House Made Grenadine


Bartender's Breakfast
Tea-Infused Ayeslbury Duck Vodka, Green Chartreuse, Fresh Lemon, Fresh Cream, Honey Water, Seltzer Water


Holiday Warmer
Buffalo Trace Bourbon, Fresh Pressed Apple, Holiday Spiced Syrup

Deemed as the sweetest on the menu, I thought this reminded me of my favourite mulled wine.

150 bucks of bubbly happiness, I say...well worth it and I cannot wait for 2015's last weekend to come pronto!

$150(A) with free-flow craft cocktails, spirits, wines and beers
$195(A), inclusive of free-flow Billecart-Salmon Brut Reserve Champagne

Prices were valid as at 31 December 2014, they may be hiked for 2015. Do call and check!

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