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Les Delices @ Kreta Ayer

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Special thanks to Les Delices for the treat!


Quaint European styled take-away pâtisserie, Les Délices, opens in the charming residential neighbourhood of Kreta Ayer. Presided over by Pastry Chef Georgina Sim and her sister, Glenda, the entrepreneurial duo turned their passion for baking into a successful cake-to-order business, before stumbling on the opportunity to open up shop in the heart of Chinatown.


A traditionalist and lover of classic French pastry making, Georgina’s interests in baking led her to the city of Paris, where she honed in her craft at Le Cordon Bleu.


In the world of pâtisserie, tea has a natural affinity with cakes, breads, sweets and pastries. Steeped in the cultural heritage of its address, it is therefore fitting that Les Délices presents a novel way to appreciate western cakes – with the beautiful accompaniment of both Chinese and English teas.

Pu-Erh, Fenghuang Dancong, Shuixian and Tieguanyin, in both hot and cold-brews, make up the Chinese selection, while Earl Grey, Peppermint, Forest Berries and Camomile form the English variety at the pâtisserie.


Earl Grey Choux ($5.90)
Choux pastry, Earl Grey milk tea crème

Infused with earl grey, tea addicts may find some joy in these fragrant puffs. The tea taste does linger on a fair bit and creaminess does remind me of a fragrant cup of milk tea.


Matcha Choux ($5.90)
Choux pastry, Japanese Matcha milk tea crème

Matcha milk tea was more subdued though, I found it delicious and was thankful there was none of the powdery bitter aftertaste.


Valrhona Guanaja Choux ($5.90)
Choux pastry, Valrhona Guanaja 70% milk chocolate crème

Now now, this had me at hello. Seductively topped with a mini macaron too - I say come to momma. Loved the light chocolate creme and choux pastry. With the mountain of toppings, it is undeniable that the pastry will be a tad soggy unless consumed immediately.


Mini Chouquettes ($4.20)

Bite sized and too cute to ignore, these sugary lil puffs serve as great snacks and actually pack more bite than the choux puffs.


Head over for a taste of tea infused desserts paired with chinese tea! I have my eye on their mango rosette cake...soon!

Les Delices
333 Kreta Ayer Road, 01-14 Singapore 080333

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