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Ember @ 1929 Hotel

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Ember has been a restaurant close to heart, I have visited it so many times until recently where Chef Sufian Zaintook over and revamped the menu a fair bit. With all revamps comes a spanking new website - previously, there was hardly any information of the menu available online and email correspondences would get me one. The staff were very personable in my last few visits, they gave personal opinions and recommendations, it was a warm and approachable environment - just like a big family. Replacing that is a whole new crew, polished looking and very distant. It gave an impression that if an answer would not result in an extra order, they would not care less to give an opinion - reads haughty.

Their famous tomato bread was nowhere to be seen - granted we were not there for their set dinners and ordered just an appetizer and dessert so that does not entitle us to their complimentary bread?


Sakura Ebi ($28)
Capellini pasta, sakura ebi, konbu, crustacean oil

Described as a fist ful, we were initially discouraged from ordering this. We waltzed in after our pig out at Potato Head Folk and really just wanted desserts and since the appetizer looked good, we ordered one to try. I really did not need to explain all of that to the waiter at all.

Insisting on our order was the rightest thing since it was just soooo good. Chilled pasta is in vogue this festive season. Crustacean oil makes any pasta dish pop and whilst the traditionalists would scoff at it the way they do to truffle oil, this was all so good. I loved the generous portions of sakura ebi, incredibly crispy and I would trade my Kawaebi Karaage for this with beer anyday!


Tarte Tatin
Caramelized apple, puff pastry, vanilla icecream 

We were advised against ordering this since it will take a full hour to set the pastry, bake it and finally present it. Surprise-surprise, it arrived together with the sakura ebi which made us question if the dessert was a case of someone's cancelled order. Unprofessional by all counts when the serving time was miles off the recommended waiting time.

The puff pastry smelt amazing and it all came to a screeching halt. Dense chewy pastry without any of the remarkable layers.

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