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Cafebiz @ Hotel Jen Tanglin

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As much as my resolution at the start of the year was not to overeat, I seem to be clocking in ridiculous rounds of buffets. This was consumed sometime in October hence there was a showcase of their festive menu already.

Once known as Trader's Hotel is now known as Hotel Jen, apart from the logo and management change, Cafebiz remained largely the same. 


The usual local roasts greeted me in full glory - the pork, chicken and duck. A pity we do not have goose around otherwise, it would have been the happiest day of my life.


Spotting local herbs in stone bowls like these always get me excited.


Can you guess the local delight they are cooking up a storm on?


The first signs of christmas usually starts with ham!


The poor tuna was already mangled by the time I made it to dinner. It is not often that a full tuna gets placed on the buffet table for consumption.


In its full gore-y.


I spy more local delights with the national favourite pandan chiffon.


More of the sweet treats available!


Fruits for a dose of vitamin c after all the pigging out.


Make my own miso soup with a ton of ingredients.


I usually head for potato salad and smoked salmon from the cold cuts bar!


A reasonably hearty pumpkin soup topped with croutons.


More and more buffets are adding Indian cuisine into their buffet lines and I am surprised that I can get very decent indian fare. Here's a smorgasboard of a few of the signature indian delights - prata, curries and bismati rice.


Rockets were available at the salad corner, quite a rare sight since romaine lettuce are the common ingredients.


Going local with satay, oyster egg and kueh pie tee!


There was also roast pork complete with condiments.


If Asian does not appeal to the palette, there are roasts like honey baked ham and roast beef.


I would recommend saving some space for their laksa made on the spot, my version includes heaps of beancurd skin, fishcake and a ton of belachan for that spicy kick.


One main feature of their buffet is the machine that seals drinks - perfect for taking away juices! Now, if only they had bubble tea too.




Also available at their dessert table is a number of local delights - muah chee, kueh, pandan chiffon and durian penyat.

As a diner who had been to buffets before and after the rebranding, there is not much of a noticeable difference in terms of food quality or service standards. Cafebiz is still a cosy place to hang out over a hearty meal, plus there are attractive credit card promotions ongoing every now and then.

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