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The Food Chapter's Top 6 Rainbow Cake Picks

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Unlike previous years where I did a foodtake and listed my favourite places for the year, this year I shall do things a weebit different - I do my take on the food fad that got me on the bandwagon. 

Of all the food fads that appeared in 2014, I consider rainbow cake the most intrusive. Like truffle fries or salted egg molten custard paus, I go through the motion of hesitation and when I start liking it, I go all out painting the down crazy with my rainbow cake haunts.

I've ranked them in order of my preferences and hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

A typical rainbow cake has 4-5 layers of coloured cake. It may be sponge or butter cake based, topped with either whipped cream or a flavoured cream frosting. My idea of a delicious rainbow cake would be one with even layers of coloured cake with a lightness that makes me want to consume it without sharing. For good food, sharing is not always caring.


1. Bakery Chef, $5.80

I love this spongey and fruity stunner to bits, so photogenic to snap as well. The lemon-infused frosting was truly the icing on the cake. Trust the best to be found in a neighbourhood! Christmas editions exist in the form of Calamansi, Caramel and Matcha!


Calamansi Delight that was completely a trick eye experience trying to guess how many shades of yellow and orange there were.


Adored the lemon curd filling within!

2. Nick Vina, $6

This surprised me with the soft fluffy spongecake laters and lemon infused cream that gave it a tangy after taste. I suppose my ideal rainbow cake belongs to one that is fluffy with more than just food colouring flavours, preferably something fruity without too much cream and this, alongside The Bakery Chef have nailed it well. During the second visit it was inconsistent - stiff and almost impossible to poke through with a fork.


3. Temptations L'Atelier, $38 (Whole Cake on Groupon)

Despite it brightly coloured layers, this had a light consistency in both the cake and whipped cream.

4. Quarter to 3, $9.80

This spongecake weighs in as the lightest but I did not fancy the whipped cream frosting. Portions are for sharing and it was one of those cakes that scores higher on the pretty and fluffy scale than taste.

5. Miss Molly's, $9.90

The density surely matches the height of the cake. I am not a fan of its unevenness not melting whipped cream. 

 6. Benjamin Browns, $8.50

I found this too crumbly for a start, more of a buttercake base than sponge as the rest of the bakers have chosen. Just 4 and call it a rainbow? It was not half bad but definitely not the best.

The rest that I have yet to sink my teeth into but will find some time to suss them out in 2015!

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