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Regroup @ Kim Keat Road

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Special thanks to Weilin and Deborah for the invite!

The passionate folks behind Group Therapy at Duxton and Katong have a new baby under their wings - Regroup that houses Scoop Therapy as well. This concept comprises of both an icecream parlour and a gourmet arm too, promising a same same but different yet colourful menu from their Duxton outlet. Just to tempt your tastebuds, brunch favourites like their signature poached eggs, seasonal pumpkin pancakes with pulled pork and traditional carrot cake will be available. I hear a buttermilk fried chicken is also in the works!


There are 18 flavours available daily and a total of 30 flavours all in. Dark chocolate and apple pie are just two of Weilin's favourites.


Help yourself to the tap, saves diners the trouble of hassling servers for water.


Flavour flavour on the wall. 


I had a scoop therapy of 8 flavours that day -

Coconut Gula Melaka

This is a tropical combination of coconut and gula melaka, flavours that usually exist alone. Loved the coconut grits that gave texture. 

Dark Chocolate

This is as dark as the dark knight can get - pun very intended. Rich, intense and nothing but child's play.

London Fog

Another of their flavours with a more than reads the eye name - this is an earl grey infused flavour to match the gloomy weather of london.

Apple Pie

A playful take on the all american classic with pie bases incorporated into this creamy delight.

Burnt Caramel

Instead of salted caramel, we have it burnt.

Fluffer Nutter

Made with marshmellows and peanut butter, this would have been part of Ben and Jerry's reportoire of complex flavours.

Brandy Cherry

I instantly named this my favourite flavour of the night - laced with brandy, this fruity one was the perfect palette cleanser.

Black Sesame

A modern take on a traditional dessert.

At $4 a scoop, prices are reasonable. Be prepared to be wowed by the rest of their undisclosed flavours at time of tasting. If anything, I will be back for that droolicious sounding buttermilk fried chicken.


Congrats on the new opening!

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