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Wedding Lunch @ Pan Pacific Orchard

I attended the first wedding of 2013 somewhere in March and recalled sometime ago during a tasting that Pan Pacific Orchard is targeted at couples who intend to have more intimate weddings to the likes of 10-15 tables. The ballroom was cosy and had a rather low ceiling - reminded me of M Hotel's ballrooms. Nonetheless, despite being lunch the usual fanfare continued.


The menu that leaked ink.

cold dish

Pacific Five Treasures
Stir fried vegetarian kong po style, spiced young mango salad, green apple with mayo, crispy beancurd roll, steamed seaweed roll

"Be my guest" from Beauty and the Beast was the theme for this appetizer though the waiters hardly danced more than a wiggle. While I do not understand the necessity of the theatrics, a bride to be mentioned that this was mandatory by the hotel. Done with the theatrics, the food was finally served and lukewarm it was. Barely tasty this was, in a nutshell.

sharks fin

Shark's Fin Broth
Pacific swimmer crab, forest bamboo pith

The unspeakable was hardly discernible though crab meat and fishmaw was in generous amounts.


Cantonese Roasted Duck
Homemade sweet sauce, plum emulsion

Once again, this was served luke warm and thank my lucky stars not gamey. The meat was tender and portions averaged at 2.5 pieces per person. And I wonder how I ever get full from wedding meals.


Poached "Live" Tiger Prawns
Superior broth, wolfberry berries

Had it not been for the fact that the server's thumb was soaking in the broth, I would have lapped up every drop of the tasty broth. Prawns were fresh for a start!


Hongkong Baby Pak Choy
Braised mushroom, superior oyster sauce

Well, greens are greens...I have yet to encounter an expensive tasting and looking plate apart from these wedding meal usual suspects.


Steamed Thai "Live" Snapper
Lemongrass infusion, kalfir lime leaves

An interesting twist to the usual Teochew steamed fish or deepfried soon hock. A pity this was hardly piping hot.


Lotus Steamed Aromatic Rice
Chinese preserved sausage, mushroom

When all else fails, I thought the rice dish would too and was lamenting yet another mooshy mushy one. And surprise! It turned out to be the best dish of the day with fragrant grains and tasty bits of sausage and mushroom made it hand-me-doubles-now! The server brought annoyance to greater heights when he confidently decided to remove the half distributed plate away much to our chagrin. I never quite heard half a table of people holler so loudly at another for the dish to be placed back on the table. Yes, good food is worth losing face for, sometimes.

orh nee

Yam Paste
Gingko nuts, coconut milk

I thought it would be home run with pomspoms and confetti strewn when lunch was almost ending after a good three hours. Milky and watery dessert soup with gingko nuts was it, gone is the everloved thick yam paste.


Yet another to add to the collection.

As with all wedding lunches and dinners, it is about giving the heartiest congratulations to yet another loving couple who decided to take the plunge - so here's it, congrats Mr and Mrs Quek!

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