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Tsui Wah Revisited @ Tsim Sha Tsui, Hongkong

Cha Chan Tang breakfasts are always happy affairs for me and Tsui Wah ranks high for likeability since eons ago. I wanted to check out my pork chop buns again but these were not available till late morning. Breakfast items were limited to the measly few and  I suppose that helps with a quicker table turnover.


maggie mee

Satay Beef with Instant Noodles in Soup Set (HKD 31)

Maggie noodle in soup with beef slices slapped on. Pedestrian in taste and well, put together rather hurriedly.

crispy bun

Scrambled Eggs with Bun

Their scrambled eggs were on the milky side – not a fan of.

condensed milk

Crispy Bun with Butter and Condensed Milk

Light like the Vietnamese baguettes with a generous spread of butter and condensed milk.

milk tea

If anything, the cute cup storing milk tea was the only good thing about the meal. Disappointing visit and perhaps it has lost some of its authenticity alongside the company listing which has gotten more apparent as the years go by.

Tsui Wah Revisited
Tsim Sha Tsui

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