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Tis the season for strawberries!

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The Japanese are ingenious in many ways and for this entry - their ability to make anything seasonal this limited edition. Strawberries were all the rage in December and the confectioners took the opportunity to release these flavoured nibbles.


I found love in Meiji's chocolate almonds quite a while back though these days, it seems so difficult to track the white ones down.


These nibbles come in such a pretty dual-tone shade of pink and have the same sour-sweet tangy taste with the grittyness of the "seeds" - awesome much!


Strawberry pebbles!


 These strawberry scented pebbles are made to taste like strawberries, from the flavour to the seediness of a strawberry too. The only thing that is standing in the way of being the real thing is the juice of the fruit.

I cannot decide which is better seriously, both taste like strawberries and better than the real thing! And for that reason, fruit suddenly became cheap in Japan. On hindsight I should have spun an entire entry on strawberry-anything since it was all the rage in winter...till the next trip I suppose!

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