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STREET 50 Restaurant and Bar @ Bay Hotel

Special thanks to Dennis and the team for hosting us!

bay hotel

STREET 50, helmed by Chef Ricky, brings you the best from around the world, offering diverse flavours from Italian, French and American to Vietnamese, Indonesian and Singaporean with interesting twists. Bay Hotel located just a stone's throw away from Vivocity is a great travel base for travellers with transport and major attractions so nearby. 

Located on the ground floor, Street 50 is hard to miss infact, impossible to miss. The signage did not indicate the cafe though, which made us wonder if we walked in on a random cafe. 


Apple juice to cool down from the sweltering weather!


Bread to kickstart the meal and we were pleasantly surprised by these freshly baked goodies. Multigrain, foccacia and even the normal loaf was fingerlicking delicious. Puts some restaurants to shame!

mushroom soup   

Forest Mushroom ($9)
Veloute of mushroom, garlic croutons, cream and chives

An earthy concoction of mushrooms and crispy croutons. This is suitable for those who are not huge fans of mushrooms, a lighter version infact. 


Hazelnut Escargot ($22)
Hazelnut butter, flambed with brandy


Setting it ablaze was entirely novel. These garlic encrusted escargots were definitely a crowd pleaser - stopping at one is a sin!

parma ham and caprese  

Caprese ($12)
Vineyard tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella, aged balsamico, fried basil

The juicy tomatoes and mozzarella were quite the perfect match. The parma ham was thankfully not overly salty. 

avocado salad

Prawn and Avocado ($12)
Tartare of prawn, avocado, celery, egg white, sour cream, aioli, tomato confit

On the creamy overload for me though I liked the gems of prawns and avocado packed within. 

tom yum flair  

Tom Yam Flair ($18)
Spaghetti, crayfish, mussels, squid, thai herbs, wine

At first glance this resembled laksa and tasted like one too. The fieriness of a wicked tom yum goong was missing but there were mild hints of it in the thai herbs used. I like this rendition with spaghetti, a lovely marriage of East and West in fact. 

cod and chips 

Cod and Chips ($18)
Beer batter, fruit salad, fries, orange tartar  

I could have dreamt this dish alive - the batter used locally tends to be too thick and this was just the right level of crisp, like goreng pisang! The usage of cod made this a rich man's fish and chips, nary the aftertaste that dory fish would have. Definitely worth the calories and money!

chicken roulade 

Roulade of Porkloin and Wild Rice ($20)

Wild rice stuffed with pork loin made this an extra meaty pork roulade. Fulfills hearty meal to a T, especially with the side of delicious mash and root vegetables. 

pot pie

Duck Pot Pie ($22)


Watching the inflated puff pastry lose steam was heartbreaking somewhat. Digging into it was yet another to behold. I somehow like to think that it is filled to brim with ingredients and the chorused "dream on" gets cued.


I love the puff pastry best, just the way I remember English Chicken Pot Pies to be - butter, fragrant and somewhat gummy. Not that the braised duck was not stellar, it was in a second fiddler manner.

lamb rendang 

Lamb Rendang ($24)
Jasmine Rice

Think rendang and beef comes to mind, Chef Ricky made a twist for this with lamb. Albeit slightly on the sweet side, the tasty curry and lean cuts of meat were hard to resist. 

apple strudel 

Apple Strudel ($8)
Coconut Icecream  

Apple strudel like sticky toffee pudding is hard to turn down, the filo pastry was filled generously with apple chunks that it was almost an apple in a pastry

durian pengat

Durian Pengat ($8)

A refreshing presentation of durian pengat, this was served in a crepe form and served chilled. Velvety smooth paste encased in a wafer thin crepe, makes eating it less messy and keeps the fingers clean!

banana fritters 

Banana Fritters ($8)
Vanilla Icecream  

Once again the crispy batter is displayed which brought back wonderful childhood memories. I found the icecream too sweet though. 

Great value is what STREET 50 offers without causing too huge a dent on the pocket and filling up the appetite considerably. I love that the dishes showcased show skill across multiple cuisines and who says hotel food is always not a good representative of a country's delicacies? 

Bay Hotel

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