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Soup Broth Asia @ Raffles City

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I love my double boiled chinese soups as much as the western soups. Under the umbrella of The Soup Spoon Group is Soup Broth Asia, aimed at providing wholesome Asian dishes.

soup broth

soup broth asia

nabe hotpot

Sumo Nabe Hotpot ($15.80)

Soy milk makes this sweet. The chicken chunks used were boneless and mixture of ingredients like beancurd, lotus root and carrot made this extra wholesome. Yam rice with this sounds like a perfect combination!

three cup chicken

Three Cup Chicken Hotpot ($13.80)

Just the kind the Mom would whip up in the kitchen. A peppery and tasty sizzling pot of chicken wing parts and chilli. Picking at the bones was quite a chore though since there were so many bone chips embedded.

These hot pots are meant for 2-3 pax and somehow due to the choice, we both ended up having a chicken overload. Zi char without the smoke nor smells that one would be cloaked in at a coffee shop, and prices match too. Worth a try for a different kind of dinner in a shopping mall.

Soup Broth Asia
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