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Quick Eats @ 7-11, Hongkong

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In a gourmet haven like Hongkong, I never quite thought much of grabbing to-go snacks or meals from 7-11 when food is reasonably cheap at any turn of a corner. Even at the wee hours of the night, hunger can be satisfied nearly anywhere within the tourist belt. If anything, visits to 7-11 would be to refuel on sweets I hardly find locally or the daily intake of h-2-o. 

instant food

The choices are mind boggling. From breakfast to dinner, one can find more than enough variety.

black pepper chicken

Housebrand that caught the eye. Even in Singapore I am tempted by the ready to eat meals by Chef Eric. I would have been a happier person if they had instant wanton mee for sale.


All in one ding - the cantonese refer microwaving as the way it sounds.


Hygiene is making sure you have no further contact with your food apart from your mouth to eat. How thoughtful!

black pepper chicken 

After 3 minutes, a juicy chicken thigh with black pepper seasoning ready to eat! It was really delicious, I can imagine eating this with rice! All for HKD 13.90, worth it!

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