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Little Bean @ Ubi Ave 1

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Touted to be as good as Lao Ban though that is what every other competitor says. Possibly one of the newer kids on the block in this very saturated bean curd market, here’s a review of it -  


Original ($1.50)

Almond ($2)

Truth be told, all beancurd puddings look the same right down to the wobble, yet matching up in terms of taste is always a different story of its own. On the sweet side, the bicarbonate was on the heavy side for both which resulted in the tingles on the tongue. Almond was over powering unfortunately. When left overnight, there was possibly a slight semblance to Lao Ban, just that the soyabean milk was thicker in consistency. I prefer 51 as compared to Lao Ban these days – still a notch down from the big boys.

Little Bean
Blk 325 Ubi Ave 1  #01-707

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