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KFC Breakfast Eats II

I am through and through a fastfood junkie and I blame nobody else but the telly for bad influence - as with all other consumers in denial!


Original a.m. Meal ($4.80)

I like KFC’s wraps since a long time ago. Stuffed with diced fried chicken, tomatoes, cheese and scrambled eggs, this wrap was the perfect breakfast item.


a.m. Waffles and Eggs Meal ($4.80)

Two halves of a waffle which would equate to just one, fluffy to taste and even better with a dash of maple flavoured syrup (note: not maple syrup) and dollop of butter. The scrambled eggs were pretty good to me, a complete non-fan of the Mcdonald’s version.


Portugese Egg Tart ($1.30)

It's no secret that I love their egg tarts - buttery and eggy and it would put the authentic egg tarts to shame! A sinful addition to the already sinful breakfast - I'm lovin' it! Pun definitely included.

Looks like there is more to their breakfast than their delicious blueberry pancakes! Until the next visit!

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