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Hongkong Lao Shanghai Restaurant @ Novotel Century Hongkong, Wanchai

Shanghainese food is supposedly good in Hongkong hence we were looking forward to a gastronomical adventure when the gf suggested going Shanghainese. Housed on the basement of Novotel Century Hongkong, the place is what I would find in the old movies – somewhat bustling and tired with a hint of the past.


It felt like dining in a Chinese restaurant in the 90’s. In a menu that ran into hundreds of items, if I were the one choosing what to have it would take near forever so we left it to the expert.


A glass of Qingdao beer to kickstart the meal.


Table appetizers.

sweet fish

Sweet Fish

This sweet preserved fish is served cold, takes some getting used to but easy to like.


Bean Curd Skins

Fit for a vegetarian, these tasty beancurd skins are perfect with congee actually.


crab meat

Crab Roe Xiao Long Bao

“Try this.” The companion smirked when he nudged us on.
“Better than Din Tai Fung?” He continued that mask of haughtiness.

Yes, he is right – down to the last tasty slurp of crab roe gravy. Who cares about 18 delicate folds if by the time I finish counting, the delicate bun would have lost some steam? These greasy baos could cause death – by cholesterol, flavour and artistry. Thinner than paper, I wonder how coordinated my hands and mouth were in ensuring I did not tear this apart.


Vegetable Porridge

Light tasting porridge made simple, a dish that a friend who has stayed in Shanghai for long deems to be perfect for winter. More flavour could be better actually.


Noodles which were yee mien in my opinion in a starchy gravy and a truckload of ingredients tossed together. I surprisingly liked it, the wholesomeness came together quite well.


Steamed Fish

Decently fresh, this steamed one had plenty of bones and would take a connoisseur to eat this without much fuss or wastage.


Sweet and Sour Pork

This could have passed off as a kurubuta pork cut and I would have paid top bucks for this. Loved the balance of savoury and sweet, remarkably tender meat too!

red bean pancake

Red Bean Pancake

Fell short of expectations with a limp and bland exterior.

Old school this is and somewhat pricey – worked out to SGD 90 per head.

HongKong Lao Shang Hai Restaurant
UG1, Novotel Century Hongkong
238 Jaffe Road

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