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Hokkaido, the cheap manner

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I cannot believe I actually left this entry out! Brings back huge memories of the winterwonderland when we are scorching alive here. 


I rummage through supermarts not only for cheap dinners but also nibbles which are great for long journeys we take from point to point. Horror is having the stomach create a ruckus on board the train and wishing the curtains are edible.

This entry will cover the nibbles that we enjoyed at odd hours of the day - timings I term greedy hours. 

Cream cheese and caramel flavoured Collon cookies!


These were well sweet little treats great for popping in the mouth.


Morinaga has a richer cheese version with disney imprinted on them - making them even cuter than cute to eat.


Limited edition berry flavoured collon cookies which were not all too different from the other flavours.


Chicken Karaage are my kind of roadtrip buddies. Just like popcorn chicken, only chunkier.

chicken popcorn

A porkier version which rendered it a better bite.


My train staple - tonkatsu sandwiches with plum sauce. These were sold by weight! We would have ordered more if only they did not sell out on this.

golden brown

We decided to make our own katsu sandwich. Plump patty to start.

guess what!

Thick toast to go with.

homemade katsu sandwich

There you go - breakfast so hearty but a dash of plum sauce would have made this all the more awesome.

beef salad

Roast beef salad to go!

Before going to Hokkaido, I was enamored by that one pack of Hokkaido Potato I chomped on and thought little of Calbee's Potato sticks. I was sure that there will be cheaper alternatives that taste as good, if not better.

potato fries

These 100 Yen pack was calling out - for quantity and price more definitely. Yet, they were oilier, saltier and miles off from THE potato snack.

100 yen

I was gleeful when I saw more than one equivalent available but these were sweet potato sticks instead that reeked of oil.

sweet potato sticks

We had problems sharing the love.

So word has it that 100 Yen shops are not always the best, I concur completely. You DO get what you pay for!

Then of course, there are dorayakis that made Japan Japanese. Doraemon did not become famous for nothing.


Creme brulee in a dorayaki.

creme brulee

And it's melty pasty wobbly like that. Albeit a little sweet, it was as caramel as it was supposed to be.

red bean

Not forgetting the original red bean.


These were pancake versions which we nabbed on a steal at the supermart one evening. I can weak like that - sell me three at a discount and I grab that instead of caring how much space the stomach actually has, or the stomachs the travel companions collectively have.


Custard filling was plain heaven on earth. Mochi and custard do go very well together and this was happiness in its element.

red bean

Red bean filling which is ordinarily so, in comparison.

Foreword about Haagen Dazs, I am hardly a fan of it for economic reasons and well, value as well though of late, they are bridging the gap of the two and I am a major fan of their creme brulee flavour. Limited edition was all it needed to make us converts.

more tubs

Pumpkin, purple sweet potato and opera flavours were up for grabs during winter.


I cannot expect this to taste any less of pumpkin, especially in Japan. And I was just sold on it. Even in winter, I had to have my icecream.


Opera cake in a tub, yum!


Ingenuity does not stop there either with this flavour being the ultimate dream come through for chocolate fans. The layers that made it taste just like the cake - Bless the Japanese seriously!


Well then, being pampered this way means the more ordinary flavours like vanilla in good old Meiji is not going to please too much. Creamy and rich this is but I was already on the bandwagon of Haagan Dazs.

We possibly had too many choices for dessert and wanting to try at least one from each category meant going to bed on a sugar high.

grape jelly

Fruit jellies in a bid to be healthy. My defence is: There's fruit inside!

peach jelly 

Peach was a personal favourite when the pocket did not allow for their fresh ones! Loved the tingly zesty taste that each bite brought.

With that, sayonara Japan! I would love to head back for more infact...once is never enough, neither two. Until the piggy bank is full again and the other travels fulfilled...I will be back!

A foodie born to eat, shop and travel. Forced to work.

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