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Halia Revisited @ Raffles Hotel

I kind of like Halia, maybe more than just "kind of" but in a budding romance kind of way. I would not hesitate to list that as a place to gather if I were near the vicinity and that is the case with Halia for now. We were minutes shy of the Theatre Dinner Set ending so hooray for us when the set dinner promotion was still extended to us.


Celeriac Lasagne
Mushroom, thyme, baby spinach, lemon, mediera cream

I fell for celeriac once again and the superduperveryyummy mushroom sauce and truffle. Celeriac is a love or hate for some but I'm definitely on the fanclub.


Sous Vide Baharat Chicken Leg
Buttersquash puree, roast, ginger, coriander red pepper salsa

A colourful dish that is bound to make any diner smile. Described as juicy and very hearty, I suppose this is worth a try next time!

chilli crab

Chilli Crab Spaghetini
Spring onion, egg

I missed this terribly and was then disappointed. Too saucy this time though the flavours were well captured. Spaghetini was cooked a tad long as well but it seemed that I was the only one with the grouse, the rest seemed to love it the way I did on the first visit.

sticky date

Sticky Toffee Pudding
Date, butterscotch sauce, seasalt, vanilla icecream

Tasted slightly burnt at the edges and seasalt was evidently stronger at some parts of the butter scotch sauce. I still loved the spongeyness of this pudding, therefore, still a fan!

ginger nougat

Ginger Nougat 
Caramelised pineapple, puff pastry crisp, almond, anise, cinnamon

I am surprised how creamy this turned out to be with ginger bits embedded in it. Definitely meant for the ginger fan only and somehow, Halia has been able to execute their ginger offerings quite well - remember the Halia Infusion which I fell head over heels for?

Value for money dinner set methinks, if you can head down and order before 7pm. Total savings of 20% by taking the meal! Yet seconds also mean that marginal utility could have taken a nosedive, it seemed to taste better during lunch than dinner.

I am addicted to this place, quite voluntarily. Perhaps the accessibility has made this more friendly to attempt than the other favourites. A return was scheduled thereafter for brunch again! What is great about this place is the cosiness and lack of a crowd - I may speak too soon about this as it is soon being filled over weekends and may end up being a hot pick too.  It being child friendly is also another plus point for families with kids - think crayons, activity worksheets and plastic cups.


Pancake ($12)

These seemed fried this time, almost dripping in oil which is a huge cry from the previous fluffy buttery pancake that I was in love with. Despite that, the crispy edges were an welcomed addition to this breakfast favourite. While everything else (bacon, strawberries and custard) are still megaloves, I should have sent this oily one back to the kitchen.

pork ribs

Chilli Pork Ribs ($33)

These chilli rubbed pork ribs were tasty, with a brilliant thai touch to it. Thai chilli sauce balanced the sweet and savoury well. Particular mention of the slaw - instead of the usually creamy doused in dressing, this was lightly coated in dressing and purple cabbage was used instead.

Inconsistent quality at Halia, once again proven. I am on the fence about a return so soon though the new menu offerings are worth revisits. I would prefer if they can continue with the hits and not move forward with the additions and backwards with the existing.

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  1. very good deal for the pre theatre set. but are the portions smaller than for ala carte?

  2. @annon: nope! same portions as ala carte!