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Group Therapy Cafe Revisited @ Duxton Hill

It has been ages since I last popped by Group Therapy and another fan of theirs raved about their improved carrot cake recipe which was the main point of this visit - oh, and to say hi to the two lovely ladies! They are still the same warm folks that I met years back when they started out this cafe, hardly an air of haughtiness - I mean seriously, it was a really nice moment to talk over the counter like old friends and getting updates on their lives, as though I visit every other week. Like a long lost friend, we hardly need many meetups but the feeling stays the same - warm and fuzzy.


Perpetually packed. 

relational goods

A quick update about their already frazzled and overworked lives - they have opened another new joint in the East (BIG HOORAY!), specifically at Everitt Road (If anyone remembers the bad neighbour saga from years back) and next to Fei Fei Wanton mee! Called Relational Goods, this new joint serves up coffee and their bakes - think muffins, cakes and  burgers (Weilin got me sold on this!). Still new, they are expected to get things up and completely running only in late April so I am definitely checking it out soon! Opening hours will be 8am-8pm in time to come so bear with their shorter hours for now!

carrot cake

4 Layer Carrot Cake ($8.50)

The main reason for the visit. Definitely a change in recipe, this time they serve it warm instead of chilled. A very light sponge cake dusted with walnuts and carrot slapped with a decadent cream cheese frosting. What I miss about the old version is the heartiness from the huge slice - of course portions are daintier now and less sinful. This is an American favourite gone asian with the huat kueh texture.

Am I still a fan? That is the question to ask.


Belgian-styled Waffle ($12)
Vanilla icecream, chocolate sauce, almonds and fruits

Their waffles are crispy but ended up somewhat soggy with the mass of ingredients on top - strawberries and blue berries made this a fruity delight to have.

I had my first cider at Ice Cold Beer and because of its cute moniker Pipsqueak I ordered it. Cider is easier to down than beer though at these bars. Usually at GT, it's either juice or coffee for the companions so this visit was a first where we had a go at their popular ciders.

pear cider

Rekordelig Pear Cider ($15)
Brewed from fresh Swedish spring water, crisp sweetness of pear

A ladies drink and hardly tart like most ciders. I would reorder this!

toffee apple

Brothers Toffee Apple ($15)
Cream soda and smoldering toffee

Listed as the top seller, the caramel notes went well with me and the soda was not overly effervescent which made this a perfect accompaniment with the desserts. This fragrant drink got me taking a deep whiff with every swig.


The companion that decided on tea, from the range of JING tea. 

Business was expectedly brisk and service was kept warm. I look forward to the next visit for more of their homely fare. Until then, keep up the fabulous work ladies!

Group Therapy 
Duxton Hill

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