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Chiffon Cake Trail

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Bengawan Solo carved a name for the green cake with a hole, making it the most imported gift amongst friends and relatives. Chiffon cakes, made from whipping eggs till the foam gets stiff peaks is no easy feat - coming from a kitchen noob and having my chiffon cakes fail on me time and again. To think the aunties at departmental stores have it done so easily.

Here's a list that I have dutifully chomped on for quite a while, read on and hopefully it gets you wishing for a slice at the end of this post!


Glace Patisserie and its signature orange box. I like their Japanese confectioneries a fair bit.

 full chiffon

Yuzu Chiffon ($12)

From its range of fruity chiffons, we found love in yuzu. These used to be priced at slightly over $10 and are now on an upward trend. Buy them before the next price hike!

orange chiffon

These spongey and zesty cakes are the answer to a light tea time snack. The clever usage of tofu makes this healthier than it already is.


Juz Bread ($1.20), One Raffles Place

These are marketed as hokkaido cakes though I see none of such in hokkaido. Probably the milk used but I rather wave it off as another chiffon cake. 

hokkaido cake

These are light cakes dusted with icing sugar, lacking in some bounced that a chiffon cake has. Ordinary at best.

chinta manis

Chinta Manis Pandan Chiffon ($5.80)

Bengawan Solo's rival in the same Peranakan sphere. Portioned way smaller than the regular ones and deemed easier to consume than the usual size.


The shade of green is a tad bright, neon even. Fragrance unbeatable, one that I could smell even from the plastic bag. Bengawan Solo this is not, neither is it a Japanese chiffon, a tad sweet, slight dry and a wee bit too heavy on coconut, this is a decent pandan chiffon that gets better the longer kept.


Peranakan chiffon this is then. 


Chiffon Cake ($0.70), Han's Cafe 

I would consider these swiss rolls rather than chiffon cake due to its density. Dry despite the buttercream, this is as pedestrian as it can get. 


Artificially too sweet in its strawberry flavour too.

And the chomping goes on! What is your favourite brand of chiffon cake then?

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  1. Haven't been there for very long but smiling orchid at ghim moh has seriously good chiffon cakes

  2. Definitely BS! And don't get me started on those hokkaido cakes. BAD!!

  3. @muchadoabouteating: thanks for the tip! am sure there will be a part 2 for this!

    @Ice: hehe...and people buy them like hotcakes?!

  4. i like the one from glace! some other places to try would include 51 degrees and pure pandan!

  5. @anon: wow, thanks for the tips! will check them out soon!