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Asia Grand @ Odeon Towers

Asia Grand has been at Odeon Towers for quite some time now and until I step foot into it, I never knew how big an area it occupies. The number of yum cha folks is amazingly many too - imagine a restaurant operating at full capacity over lunch - that is Asia Grand for you.


Super angpow packet design for a table cloth and napkin!


The appetizer of vinegared fishcakes whets the appetite greatly, causing us to over order. 


Promotions galore!

har gao

Steamed Shrimp Dumpling "Har Gao" ($5.20)

These are staples and were not too bad with the fresh prawns and dab of mustard.

xo carrot cake

Fried Carrot Cake in X.O. Sauce ($10)

Lightly battered with a lovely crisp, the generous scattering of bean sprouts and prawns made it one hearty dish. Toss in additional chilli X.O. sauce for a fiery punch - loves it!


Steamed Shanghai Minced Pork Dumpling ($4.60)

With all things yummy from the skin to broth, the main fault lay in the pork ball that was gamey. An unfortunate taste that ruined this otherwise stellar dish.

ham sui kok

Fried Delicious Dumpling ($4.60)

I am usually not a fan of this but the sweetened mochi filling with diced chicken was delicious!

mango prawn

Fried Mango and Shrimp Roll ($5.20)

Banana is a more common ingredient than mango and the mushy mango was not such a great accompaniment for the prawn afterall. 

Fried Yam Dumpling ($4.60)

Another that I am usually on the fence about, this light yam filled delight is crisp and tasty. Best of all, it was hardly as heavy as it looks.


The usual rara.


Peking Duck ($38)

Originally priced at $60 for whole and $34 for half, this is a steal for an additonal $4 more. They scrimped on each crepe shoving either a sliver of cucumber or spring onion when it is usually both in one. The crepe was ordinary and I was looking forward to sinking my teeth into the succulent duck meat when I realised it was ordered to be shredded and fried with the noodle. No review of the meat!

eefu noodles

Duck Eefu Noodles (Supplement of $10)

These saucy noodles were a tad salty and tasted like preserved vegetables were stir fried with it. The duck meat was definitely overshadowed here and I was disappointed. Eefu noodles ought to be kept simple without fuss next time, I take a mental note. On hindsight, chopping the duck up would have gotten us a bigger bang for the buck with more meat and definitely taste.


Hashima ($12)

Too white, we all concurred after eyeballing it for a good while before tucking into it. I suppose the hashima was bleeched or the chef forgot to throw in brown sugar rocks for some colouring.


Pomelo Mango Sago ($8)

This was on the sweet side instead of the tangy that it usually is. The thickened texture of the mango juice made this mostly liquid than semi solid.

aloe vera

Aloe Vera Jelly ($8)

A palatte cleanser with a dash of lime, the refreshing flavours washed down the grease from the meal. Loved the mildly sweet jelly and aloe vera bits.

Asia Grand is a hit-miss affair. I suppose for just the Peking Duck, it is value for money. Their ala carte specialty items look particularly inviting - think bamboo clams for 10 buckeroos or boston lobster with goose liver for 38.

Asia Grand Restaurant
Odeon Towers

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