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Alexandra Food Village Eats

Alexandra Food Village is untapped ground. Infact, the only brushes have been to Seng Eng Kee Seafood and De Burg. We were happy to find most of the stalls open for dinner and had a great feast!


It is the land of avocado juice, I must add. There are at least three different stalls pedaling this fattening drink, as delicious as it is.

Mr Avocado

mister avocado

The business at this stall is brisk though at $2.50 per cup I would not deem this the cheapest drink to have. If memory serves me right, they used to be creamier and less sweet. Still a refreshing drink to have in such hot temperatures!

King Avocado

avocado drink

Service at this stall is way better and for the same price of $2.50, this is a better bang of the buck! Creamier and sweeter but that's the way it should be - sinfully divine!

Shanghai La Mian Xiao Long Bao

Manned by a couple, the lady stands out for dressing up quite immaculately even for a hawker kitchen. Frivolity aside, I was drawn by the queues.

xiao long bao

Xiao Long Bao ($4, 8 pcs)


This would rival Din Tai Feng's hands and pants down for juicy and tasty. The soup squirts out with such vigour, I would be utterly ashamed to eat it with a stranger.

spicy wanton

Sichuan Spicy Wanton ($4)

It is a tough fight between these and xiao long bao for favourite, wanton skin so silky smooth and slurpworthy and a spicy sauce so wonderfully concocted - amazing stuff they are! Spicy without causing a fire with a lovely balance of vinegar, the mere thought of it makes me salivate.

dan dan mian

Dan Dan Mian ($4)

I could not resist getting a portion of noodle to try since every other order included it. A huge portion of noodles tossed in their signature spicy meat sauce and sprinkled with spring onion. The spice hits me at first bite and the sweat glands were activated too. Loved the punch and fieriness of this friendly dish, particularly so when the oodles of noodles are so easy to slurp. Worth a try only if you can slurp it quickly without interferences, else be faced with soggy noodles.

kang kong

Jin Pai Zi Char

Sambal Kang Kong ($6)

Always a must for a vegetable dish but this was a watered down spicy vegetable dish.


Generous portion of greens for $6 from the string of zichar stalls at the front of the food center.


Old Punggol Satay 


Pork, mutton and chicken to attempt! Loved the charred fragrance and tasty dip of peanut sauce and grated ginger.

 Leon Kee Claypot Pork Rib Soup

herbal bak kut teh

Herbal bak kut teh broth ($6) with three adequately meaty chunks of pork rib. While I am used to the peppery taste of pork rib soup, this was a heartier rendition. Good on its own, I blame the other stronger flavoured dishes ordered that overshadowed this.

Soon Lee Fire-pot Stew Beef

beef stew

Word as it that they have been selling their specialty beef hotpots for more than 30 years now and I went for their beef hot pot ($6). Others have fawned over their beef and tendon This is precooked in a large pot and reheated in mini pots. Starchy for a start, the flavour is mild and beef is somewhat flaky from the over cooking perhaps. Hardly impressed with this grand dame apart from the neverending flame.

Xing Seafood Steamboat

fish soup

Instead of their famed fish head steamboat, we made an attempt on a pocket friendlier fish soup ($6). Broth was light and just average to be honest.

Alexandra Food Village is a food heaven, literally. One of the better night hawker centers with very decent fare. No wonder people would trudge near and far over lunch and even risk smelling like the place for a good tuck in.

A foodie born to eat, shop and travel. Forced to work.

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