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Zam Zam Restaurant Revisited @ North Bridge Road

zam zam

Zam Zam has been the childhood favourite – dinners and suppers. Even as the other childhood favourites have been replaced by others, this remains fiercely so. 


Dinner crowds are feisty, food gets cleaned out even before 730pm leaving us with few options. 


Chicken Murtabak

Only the Dad gets the order right – extra gravy, extra spicy, extra crispy. We have tried placing the usual order, it hardly impressed. Charred as can be, the insides are still well done – pratas filled with generous chicken chunks. Two orders of this and I was really satisfied. The other flavours are not as good though – beef and mutton were dry and their new addition of deer was hardly interesting. For once, white meat against red, white wins!


Table appetizers.

fish curry

Fish Curry

To go with the murtabak, fish or not, it was tasty enough. 


Beef Rendang

Hardly lukewarm yet still tasty chunks of meat. 


Mutton Curry

This was way tender than beef yet missing out on some punch. 

fish head curry

Fish Head Curry

Despite their claims that they purchase fish daily, this was hardly fresh, infact stale with a fishy aftertaste. The herbs and spices actually failed to uplift this dish. 



I am amazed at how an understatement their briyani rice is – no trace of oil, light and fluffy! So different from the roundish pearls of Chinese or Japanese rice. Two thumbs kind of good!

mee goreng

Mee Goreng

While I thought of this as Malay, the Indians have them too. Other than it being brighter than normal, it was an ordinary plate of fried noodles. 

teh tarik

Teh Tarik to wash the grease down. I would have preferred Ginger Tea for a more authentic experience.

The murtabak shone and outshone every other dish. Expect no frills from this dining establishment, a blast from the past that has managed to maintain its standard.

Zam Zam
697 North Bridge Road

A foodie born to eat, shop and travel. Forced to work.

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