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The Tavern @ Tanglin Club


Tanglin Club during CNY, despite being a British Club these oriental touches still made the lobby look somewhat cheerier.

Hole in wall...The Tavern.


It has both a bar and sit down dining concept as well as a random Argentinean Wine Tasting session going on at one corner of the restaurant.


Never can go wrong with their famous fizzy Gunners. Loved the zesty punch and well, it's one of those childhood drinks that still taste so good.


Seconds that came with an extra wedge of lime!

sunrise cooler

Another fruity concoction at a pop of outside prices. Darn, I love the club for such reasons.


Frozen Strawberry Margarita that looked a tad watery yet packed such a lethal punch, it put all the other margaritas to shame. It is a pity this was mostly syrup concocted rather than fresh strawberries blended.


Trust them not to change the range of nibbles available - all the savouries that go so well with drinks.


Complimentary bread with every order of mains, if my memory served me correct these used to be served in loaves and I'd cut them according to my preferences. These days, it is pre-sliced losing some of the freshness of the baked items along the way. The familiar herb butter is all of smooth, delicious and sinful!

french onion

A decent attempt on French Onion Soup, the comte cheese toast was lovingly melty though onion soup was a tad sweet.


Salad bar for $12.80, eat as much as your plate can hold. The selection of cold cuts and meats made this less of a vegetarian's dreamland. Sushi was also part of the repertoire to delude the diner into thinking it was entirely greens. Nonetheless, a healthy and delicious fix with a lovely spread to pick from.


Fries to nibble on yet these were too salty and thick - the mashed potatoes used to form each fry were too condensed. I could be nitpicking on just fries but the texture was just denser than usual.

shepherd's pie

Old time favourite of Shepherd's Pie! Loved the buttery layer of mashed potatoes and minced beef.


Chargrilled tenderloin, let's just say the old school cooking techniques make this an ordinary grill item.


Prime Rib Open Faced Sandwich ($18.80)

Off the wagon, I had an open-faced steak sandwich that had hardly much to yell about. Steak was tender yet the limp pieces of bread made this less than ideal as a sandwich than steak proper.

fish soup 

Bee Hoon Soup ($10.50)

Fish Soup that was meh-dinary, I always wonder why the chinaman of the dad has to always order the least signature and most asian dish at a western place!


The front doors of the restaurant.


Missed taking a dip in the beautiful pool.

The Tavern
Tanglin Club

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