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Tanglin Halt Market Eats

Peanut minjiang kueh makes this place tick - yet distance and working hours make this almost an impossible feat. We were there on a Friday night and most stalls were closed, the same applied for the bigger hawker center just around the corner - what happened to us being a gourmet haven?

Guangdong Wanton Mee

Open: 5.30pm to 3am, Monday to Friday

wanton mee

Wanton Mee ($2.50)

To begin with, I did not know how popular this wanton mee stall is. Infact, this was just one of the few stalls that had a queue and join I did.

wanton soup

Simple fare of mee kia with wantons and char siew yet there was something so different in a same same but different sense. No alkaline taste for one and the chilli paste tossed in did wonders for the dish. I did not know lard was part of this dish - welcoming it no less. Now I know where to get my supper craving of wanton mee!

Indulgence Western Food

chicken chop

Chicken Chop ($5.50)

Breaded chicken chop with the old school crinkle cut fries and garlic bread.

Traditional Hainanese Chicken Rice and Curry Chicken Noodle

curry chicken nooodle

Curry Chicken Noodle ($5)

curry noodle

The curry lacked coconut milk for that creamy aftertaste though. None too special.


Bean Sprouts ($3)
Oyster Sauce Vegetable ($3)

Just to fill up the daily intake of greens, the bean sprouts were a tad raw. 

Da Di
Stall 8

fishball soup

Fishball Soup ($2.50)

I am no fan of fishballs in the first place and these were rather ordinary.


The tray return initiative was launched earlier this year and kudos to them!

And then, we returned for seconds one weekend morning instead. No surprise then that the stalls open at night were closed and we saw a different spread of food.


Tanglin Halt Original Pancake
Stall 16


So there, meet the legendary that everyone online raves about - lauded as royalty of nostalgic peanut pancake and I have procrastinated for too many years to ignore.  A beeline was already formed when we made it there and I panicked - what if they sold out on me since their closing time stated 11am and it was past that cinderella timing.

Peanut ($0.60) or red bean ($0.70) pancakes but the latter came in a round sealed one. The charred edges were crispy and instead of peanut butter paste it was ground peanuts and sugar. Traditional definitely and well at first bite - it was legendary but the sweet overload was an overkill. A messy affair guaranteed and the batter was a tad undercooked hence a gloppy texture at some parts of the pancake.

Cheng Mei Shi
Stall 14

lor mee

Lor Mee ($3)

A decent one though the vinegar could have been stronger for a punchier taste.

Seng Kee
Stall 19



Ripoff for both normal and banana leaf otahs since it was just the fragrance that made all the difference and hardly any trace of fish.

Tian Shui Hainan Ji Fan 
Stall 21


Another that sparked off a neverending queue, incredibly tender chicken with a broth that packs volumes of hard work. Looks like these hidden gems are not too far off from the overhyped actually.

Tanglin Halt Food Centre wowed, for the number of food gems available and at such affordability. It just proves the point that underdogs do outshine sometimes.

Tanglin Halt Market and Food Centre
48A Tanglin Halt Road
Singapore 148813

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