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Szechuan Court Revisited @ Swissotel

szechuan court

Szechuan court for dimsum brunch one weekend, I must be really persistent despite knowing well their dimsum for dinner was a sorry affair.


Appetizers that are worthy of refills.

xo paste

Carrot Cake ($6.80)

The X.O. fried shrimp paste was spicy and appetizing, a huge contrast from the lukewarm carrot cake.

prawn and banana

Banana Prawn Dumpling ($7.80)

I suppose this combination is hard to fault, thankfully served piping hot!


Roasted Duck ($28)

Gamey and somewhat stale, this was disappointing.

charsiew sou

BBQ Pork Pastry ($6.80)

Once again, it arrived lukewarm. There was a clear lack of buttery fragrance and melt in the mouth textures.


Har Gao ($7.80)

Not the best eaten though.


Xiao Long Bao ($7.80)

Skin was too thick for comfort.


Siew Mai ($7.80)

Yet another that had a porky taste about it.


Century Egg Congee ($10)

Szechuan Court only started redeeming itself henceforth. A cantonese favourite that they executed quite well. The crispy crackers are reminiscent of those used in yushengs though.

pork belly

Sliced Pork Belly ($28)

A tad saucy but flavourful! Enough wok hei and definitely a tasty must order! One of the reasons why dinners are so much better than dimsum.

nian gao

Nian Gao ($12)

I remember the lavendar flavour they launched two years back and this year, it's pandan. Like nonya kueh somewhat yet this was a comforting sweet finish.

almond cream

Almond Cream ($10)

This starchy gooey warm dessert is a hit or miss, quite a miss for me since the almond fragrance was lovely but the addition of white fungus made it a dessert with confusing textures - soggy amidst the goo.

mango pomelo 

Pomelo Mango Cream ($10)

Possibly the second in line for decent, hard to fault but hard to love for life.

Szechuan Court disappointed once again for their kitchen items (reads: all things that comes in steamers) yet is still outstanding in their dishes. Dinner worth a go yet dimsum is completely worth skipping.

Szechuan Court
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