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Saltwater Cafe @ Changi Village

salt water

Changi Village is one area that causes much inconience, which is the same reason why I have yet to step foot on Coastal Settlement. I remember them having really decent hawker fare years back and hence bundled everyone off for a dinner far away from city.

buffet table

The spread!


A corner like this always gets me so excited.


The festive bits that bring some cheer.


The usuals at every other buffet, I would be surprised if a larger crustacean appears.


Grilled seafood available!


Colourful shooters are always tempting.

cny godies

Feels like Ching Chong New Year.


I always wonder why dessert plates are always too small to accommodate all the morsels of cake!


Being a regular buffet goer also means I head straight for the friendlies - salmon, shell fish and a seafood shooter. Ordinary stuff methinks.


Having whet the appetite, I head for the spicier dishes like sambal prawns or spicy fish fillets. Neither is as impressive.


Pork rib lotus root soup, the kind that Grandma knows best. Hearty one!

barbequed meats

The stuff that usually has the longest queues at hawker centers and coffee shops, mediocrity at its best.


I can only say, I did not stop at two bowls.

lor mee

Laksa and lor mee were D-I-Y stations that got me returning for seconds. Biased love goes to laksa, a specialty of Saltwater Café. The spicy gravy and noodle were a match made in gastronomical heaven, truly one of the better buffet renditions. 

carrot cake

Live station of carrot cake was a hit but being positioned next to the desserts also meant that my hair reeked off chye tao kuay too. I loved the crispy bites and soft carrot cake – hawker fare at its best. 

fried kuay teow

Also rivalling for favourite is their Penang Char Kuay Teow. Loved the flavour and  best of all, so delicious! A dollop of belachan would have made this heaven on earth. 

bee hoon

As an indication of the char kuay teow's popularity, fried beehoon was its replacement thereafter. There should have been otah or fried sausages and eggs to make this economical breakfast item more appetizing.


Rojak to turn this entire buffet completely Singaporean.

cai png 

The rest of what would have been regular caipng fare.


At long last, our grilled items that took near forever and a companion's temper put to test after getting his queue cut and orders mistaken.


Amidst the grilled family of octupus, lamb chops, chicken, mackerel and beef, I found love in the tender well charred beef.


Mackerel that should have found greater happiness in otah paste.

choc cake

Durian Pengat (pictured behind) is a watery version only for the anti durian fans. I did not fancy it much either.

The chocolate cake however, fared heaps better. Layered with crunchy praline and chocolate mousse, this was a good chocolate cake withoout the fuss. 


The result of being overly curious about the dessert spread. 


pineapple tarts

Their range of CNY goodies were actually quite good and caused quite a commotion for the kids clamouring for icecream toppings. Loved them pineapple tart pillows - just the right amount of sweet and sour in a bite, topping it off the melty butter shell!


If all else fails, there is always cooling home made wintermelon barley dessert! Loved this best actually.

Saltwater Cafe still shines for its hawker fare and definitely worth the distance though I would not be fighting to return so soon.


Saltwater Café
Changi Village Hotel

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