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Restaurant Week: Oso Ristorante @ Bukit Pasoh Road


We made a last minute cancellation for this last stop due to overwhelming bad response on the selected place. Oso happened by a stoke of luck of someone else's last minute cancellation since it was fully booked throughout. We were actually greeted by the chef himself at the door since there were a number arriving at a bright and early time of 6pm. Trust Singaporeans to all be early.

Hashi Japanese Restaurant, takes the first level of the shophouse is slated for open early next month - hearsay that it will be a Kaiseki restaurant, I shall await the reviews!


We were brought up to the second floor - lo and behold, the place was filled with diners and all for restaurant week. A rare sight truth be told for most of the places attempted for restaurant week were barely filled and theirs would be classified as oversubscribed.


Last stop for restaurant week!


The bread basket consisted of brown bread, some crackers and sundried tomato bread alongside olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Fragrance versus taste for this since all were disappointing. The sundried tomato bread ended up being more cake texture than bread. 


Buffalo Mozzarella Tartar with Basil Peso and Tomato Sabayon
Slowly Cooked Pork Belly with Honey served cold in "Porchetta" style
Tartar of marinated Tuna Loin and Mixed Vegetables in "Scapece"

Plating was playing with lines and symmetry somehow, though not uniformly so as we realised later. Each dish somehow did not arrive that beautifully plated - somewhat shoddy due to haste. Nonetheless, I liked the tuna loin tartar best. The pork belly reminded me of the wild boar jelly that I can find in Chinatown Hawker Center, only more refined whilst the mozzarella tartar was just a-okay.


Thick and Creamy Cauliflower Soup with Avruga Caviar

Thick and creamy could be the misnomer for this since it was hardly so. The granulated texture of the soup made it like baby food to some respite and avruga caviar was merely ornamental.


Homemade "Tagliatelle" Pasta with Light "Taleggio" Cheese Fondue and Black Truffle Puree

A hardened dish infact, the pasta threads were too thick and ended up clumping together. Cheese and truffle puree were lost in the fragrance though, yet another than smells better than it tastes.


Sea Bass Fillet and Cherry Tomato stewed in Squid Ink Sauce with Marjoram

This was an interesting item on the menu as squid ink hardly is presented with anything else apart from pasta and the infamous pudding with urchin. The execution of sea bass fillet was a sorry one - mushy and hardly flavourful.


Braised and Deboned Duck Leg served in Timbale with Mash Potato and Orange "Gremolata"

I was disappointed when first presented since the duck meat was shredded and presented in a potato cake. Yet, this proved to be the most enjoyable dish as the meat was hardly salty as would most duck confits be and it was hearty enough!

chocolate soup

70% Dark Chocolate Soup served with Saffron Frozen Parfait

Chocolate soup was served hot - overcooked at some parts and undercooked at others. The rich black liquid was a lovely one with bitter undertones and frozen parfait provided a lovely contrast.



Best tiramisu tasted in Singapore - I finally concede defeat to this Italian classic. Most tiramisus end up soaking wet yet this was well balanced and really light! I am completely sold on their desserts.

5 courses whizzed past really quickly and the kitchen's efficiency has to be lauded. Yet, they could have been way better than these presented somehow. The feeling gotten then is, restaurant week does not apply for well established restaurants since they have the following desired. More of those without dining stars and supplements the next time, I note!


Oso Ristorante 
46 Bukit Pasoh Road

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