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Rabbit Carrot Gun @ East Coast Road

rabbit carrot gun

With a moniker like that, it is hard not to associate this newly opened cafe with the same fairy tale as The White Rabbit. I suppose rabbit being docile lovable creatures adds up to the friendliness of the place even before checking it out. What used to occupy the same space is one of the katong laksa places and just opposite is a supposed rival - that is what modernization does sometimes, takes history away.


Nonetheless, I am welcoming the change - who does not love a kitschy looking cafe that serves brunch thesedays.

At a brunch hour of 10am, the place was reasonably filled and even with three servers, nobody had the free time to tend to any of us hovering at the entrance. Instead, we found our own seats and helped ourselves to the menus.

cake counter

Where choosing makes one fickle.


Someone's secondary school?


Reservations way too early but then we realised it was for show when it was promptly removed subsequently.


Rabbit rabbit on the wall, who's the furriest of them all?


More of the fairy tale going on.


Hydrangeas so pretty!

poached egg

Eggs Florentine

With a description like "Poached eggs served on a bed of spinach and homemade hollandaise sauce", I overlooked that bread was not mentioned.


Runny objective, met.


And I can barely stop at one snap. 

Mental image of fluffy muffins come to play and what greated what however, brioche slices. Disappointed I sure was when neither the tangy hollandaise sauce nor expected muffin base were present. Somewhat bland and creamy yet thankfully spot on with the runny yolk, I am not a fan of this.


Scone ($4.50)


Verbally, it was supposed to come with passionfruit or lemon curd yet what arrived was just jam and butter. Quibble I shall not since I was in a complete zen mode for brunch that day. It was overbaked to some extent with the edges too crunchy and insides a tad dry. Even lathering with butter was a futile attempt.

hot cross bun

Hot cross bun ($5)

hot cross

Okay, if not for easter I may not be tempted by an order of this. Five buckeroos for this is squeamishly exorbitant. Granted the overgenerosity of orange peel and raisins was laudable but it was just a hot cross bun. Heaps better than the scone but not quite worth all of five big bucks.

This place is new and somewhat raw around almost everything -service and brunch items. Time may be the answer to smoothing out the edges and until then, it is back to the good old comfort places that serve consistently good brunches.

Rabbit Carrot Gun
49 East Coast Road

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  1. The hot cross bun is so chao tar-ed! I would have returned it.

  2. what a charming looking cafe!wish I was there to spend a Thurs morning.

  3. @ice:hahah they were all chao tar-ed but didn't really taste so!

    @sofood: heh, just go!

  4. thanks for share.