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Peony Jade @ Clarke Quay


CNY feasting that never stops and to make things worse, it was a series of buffets arranged day after day. I am surprised Ellenborough was not completely booked out this year, I suppose third days are usually saved for feasting at home or at a Chinese dining restaurant at least. Nonetheless, it was a first at Peony Jade for their buffet which comprised of a compulsory 6 dishes that every buffet diner had to consume before the proper ordering starts.


Rest of the restaurant. Rather empty actually. 

peony jade

I've lost count of the times I have visited Peony Jade at Clarke Quay yet none at Keppel.


Always rudimentary to start a CNY meal with yusheng.


The aftermath of this beautifully plated vegetable dish is all a colourful mess.


Seafood soup with a whole abalone - the cantonese on the table loved it. Me, included.


I fear a full fish sometimes, the amount and well the head peeping at me.


Fresh and crispy.


Load on the cholesterol with drunken prawns, still loving the freshness.


Salted egg crab but these were hard to eat daintily, the flavour coule do with a bit more punch - chilli padi perhaps.


Marinated Jelly Fish and Cuttlefish

Two types on a dish that would have passed off as a mains rather than appetizer. I found the jellyfish limp.


Sauteed Prawns with Wasabi and Caviar

Considered a signature, these lightly coated batter prawns hardly caused a whimper with the cream wasabi and caviar.

soft shell crab

Deep Fried Soft Shell Crab “Thai” Style

Crispy and usually a must order.


Stir Fried Seasonal Greens with Whole Garlic

I usually cannot say no to a stir fried vegetable dish.


Crispy Roast Duck

I remember their camphor duck being a hot favourite, pity it was not on the menu. This was a not too bad roast duck, skin and meat droolworthy!

coffee ribs

Cappucino Pork Spare Ribs with Almond

Infused with coffee, the taste is hard to miss but palatable on tender pork ribs.


Stir Fried Beef

Pretty much like emu, actually. Or emu is pretty much like beef. Toss in black pepper and the flavour is there about.


Emu with Black Bean Sauce

Too tender to comprehend – a case of too much tenderizer. I suppose ostrich and emu are not too far apart in taste and texture yet black bean anything pretty much masks the flavour quite a fair bit.


Braised Eefu Noodle

Noodles for longevity this festive season!

peanut glutionous rice

Sweet Dumpling coated with Peanut

Hilarious is ordering a portion and getting one ball.

black sesame

These easy to pop morsels were a popular choice for dessert.

sea cucumber

Chilled Sea Coconut

I am less of a fan of this cold delight – rather pedestrian in taste.

red bean

Hot Cream of Red Bean

On the sweet side.

mango pomelo

Chilled Mango Sago

A nice dessert to finish up the filling meal.

I love ala carte buffets because I need not jostle with the crowd for the most popular dish yet that means the waiting time fills the appetite faster than I can imagine. I would have more preferred that they included their signatures like campor duck with buns though but it is pretty good value for the price paid.


Peony Jade
Clarke Quay

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  1. They having 1 for 1 weekday and 4 for 3 weekend promos now!

  2. @daniel: wow, that's an even better deal!