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Le Bistrot @ Singapore Indoor Stadium

le bistrot

Le Bistrot is a hidden gem, literally and I actually forgot to blog about this! Cardinal sin indeed. Anyway here goes...

The first visit was concluded sometime in November last year and we were actually all gunning for Le Bistrot Du Sommelier that was expectedly fully booked and hence another recommended Le Bistrot - no pun intended. Housed at Indoor Stadium, the location is cosy for one yet almost inaccessible on a rainy day even with a stroll from the nearest Stadium station.


Just like an IKEA store.


Loving the bits and bobs.


Le Bistrot.


Specials that remained that way even after a six months when I revisited.


Always up for a celebratory white, happy returns of the day!


Perfect for silencing the hunger pangs.

french onion soup

Traditional caramelized onion soup gratinated with emmental cheese

Generous portion of cheese toast and onion soup - slurpworthy!


Chargrilled Hokkaido Scallops served in Salt Baked Onion, with Corn Veloute and Toasted Pinenuts

This definitely grabbed enough attention from all the other tables - bouncy scallops paired with a sweet corn sauce.



This was new to me and really tasty.

mushroom soup

CEP Mushroom Soup with Foie Gras Cigar 

Earthy and creamy mushroom soup with a brilliant cigar roll. Ingenious one I say and it was definitely a memorable broth!

duck confit

Duck Leg Confit with honey mustard vinaigrette and creamy potato puree

Yummiest duck confit alive, we all marvelled at the huge portions. Loved how easily meat could be teased from the bone and best of all, the flavours that came together so beautifully.

beef cheek

Crumble of Wagyu Beef Cheek served with Duck Fat Potatoes and Mesclun Salad

Tender beef cheeks yet the portions are more ladylike.


Char Grilled Pork Collar (Supplement $10)

Did not attempt.

creme brulee

Creme Brulee in bourbon vanilla bean, amaretto griottine, bergamot, mocha, dark chocolate and pistachio raspberry

We managed to try all flavours amongst us and ended up liking it in its original flavour. 


L'Imperial (Supplement $12)
Fruit soup of macerated wild strawberries, mango-passionfruit sorbet, pink peppercorns, topped with champagne

I cannot imagine anything more luxurious than this (ok, perhaps the most expensive champagne or wine available) for dessert, champagne anything causes much happiness. This fruit soup was a first for me and it was interesting, though this would have passed off as a pretty cocktail.


There are two parts to the restaurant - a brighter more communal glass house and a cosier yet dim private area filled with nooks and crannies of interesting bits and bobs as well as mirrors. An alice in wonderland fantasy.

Entree + Main course $50
Main course + Dessert $50
Entree + Main course + Dessert $60

I love their pricing structure! Great for those with limited stomach space, read on to find out what I mean.


They finally understand what rush is and take extra care for customers who have appointments with the Indoor Stadium. 


Table laid for gluttony. 

hot water

One of the few places that understand what hot water is, one that comes with steam. 


Warm crusty bread came almost promptly. I loved it enough for seconds though the crust could be less hard.

french onion soup

Traditional caramelized onion soup gratinated with emmental cheese

Loved the thick cheese toast in this rich broth.


Raw salmon fillet homecured with dill and gin, white truffle oil, deep fried soft boiled egg, mint creme fraiche, mesclun salad

Portions of this could pass off as a mains and it did get jelard towards the middle of the dish. I though the touch of deep fried soft boiled egg was a lovely inclusion - textures were amazing!

duck confit

Duck Leg Confit with honey mustard vinaigrette and creamy potato puree

Two duck legs in one dish - wins hands down for overgenerous! Fall off the bone kind of tender with enough bite not to wave this off as a braised duck dish. It was on the salty side but I loved it skin and meat. Arguably best duck confit around and twice, I was satisfied.

beef cheek

Red wine casserole of beef shortribs with glazed vegetables and creamy potato puree

In comparison paling in flavour but the shortibs were executed well too, without being too braised. The sinewy threads of tendon held the shortribs beautifully together.

Service is warm on both accounts yet understandably rushed for the second. They make thoughtful recommendations (advising us against ordering fries as portions are really huge) and all requests for additional sauces, doggy packing and what nots were taken with much grace. Huge love for this place, sincere and unpretentious food. I would love to be back, even with the distance!

Le Bistrot
Singapore Indoor Stadium

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