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Hummerstons @ Robertson Walk



Chalkboard specials.




mushroom soup

Truffle Mushroom Bisque

The fragrance is unbeatable but the watered down soup had plenty to make up for in the broth. Lacking in rich earthyness that I would expect from a good mushroom soup.


The Hangover Poutine
Irish sausage, oak smoked cheddar, quesillo osala, beef jus, poached egg

The hangover this is called and supposedly a hot favourite. The description is good enough to tease the saliva glands yet flavours fell short of expectation. Soggy fries with cheese cubes, spicy sausages and gravy. How awakening is that? Hardly, I was better off pinching off fries from the burger. The overcooked poached egg was just disappointing.


Hummerstons Brunch Burger
USDA Grilled Beef, Apple Smoked Bacon, Caramelized Onions, Tomato, Fried Egg, Greens, Fresh Japeleno with Hummerstons Fries with Tomato Chilli Aioli

A megaweight in size, befitting for a ravenous diner. I thought the flavours were quite spot on with a juicy patty, greasy bacon and fried egg and fries.

eggs benny

Eggs Benedict

Hollandaise sauce was missing in this - tastewise. It was all of cream sauce and the poached eggs were in between runny and over cooked. Inconsistencies are frowned upon, unfortunately.


The thing about eggs benny is the sauce usually makes up for the bland poached egg yet I resorted to ketchup and chilli sauce for some flavour. The slices of bread used were a tad too hard and crunchy, this reintepretation of what should be mildly sour hollandaise on runny eggs and moist muffins was a clear disappointment.

strawberry cheese tart

Dessert of the day was a raspberry cheese tart that was too cloying for a start and I actually fell in love with the chocolate tart – chocolatey and crunchy. The cheese filling was too much to bear.


Hummerstons Pancakes ($15)
Grandma’s recipe, real maple syrup, whipped butter and fruit compote

Yes, pancakes for dessert. There is always room for dessert, like there is room for pancakes. Slightly burnt, these larger than life pancakes were close to hotcakes but with the real maple syrup and fruit compote, we were all belly satisfied.
I rest my case of returning for the other all day brunch items and perhaps just for pancakes. The place is great for cosying up or gatherings like ours – there were one too many corners to fall in love with.

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  1. seems like i need to stop by here for a good hearty brunch, like to the look of the pancakes, very fluffy! cheers :)