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Gaia Ristorante @ Goodwood Park Hotel


I remember Thumper for its biometric scanning system  which probably works big time for drunklords and dames who have problems standing straight. Gaia has since replaced them and they have kept most of the retrofits. The thing that strikes me most about Gaia is the musty carpet smell that strikes – infact, the place smells different depending which part you are at, of which, I shall not elaborate.


bread basket

  They fell short of expectations in the bread test – I probably only requested for refills of sundried tomato bread.


Parsley on butter slabs that I deem entirely ornamental.

duck breast

Pan fried pink and sliced duck breast served in wild baby asparagus bed and fresh salad ($24)

Otherwise known as smoked duck breast, none too spectacular.

Thick and cream Vellutata soup of langoustine, lobster, scallops, crab in cognac flambé and white truffle oil and crispy bread ($22)

Way more stellar in comparison with the rich ingredients tossed in – I can imagine the beautiful friends of the sea tossed into the blender to extract the finest. I would have loved the chef to death if only he made the seafood visible. Crispy bread was definitely a joy since the bread basket was a letdown.

Angel hair pasta with black truffle sauce and raw quail egg ($29)

This is possibly the simplest pasta option on the menu. Loved the slurpworthy angel’s hair pasta with truffle. It could have passed off as mee sua but delicious all the same! Expect no “Iggy’s” or “Gunther” moments with this, a cheaper cousin I call this.

Grilled Dutch milk fed veal loin chop (400g) Served with mixed vegetables timbale ($58)

Granted veal is meant to be tender, this lacked flavour and was too pink for my comfort though the companion liked it.
banana bread 

Birthday tiramisu on the house but the thoughtful purchase of Banana loaf from Selfish Gene Café stole thunder. I love banana anything – the fragrance, pillowy soft texture and generous packing of bananas made me happy like a monkey would. I would in a heartbeat return to Selfish Gene’s just for this!

Service started off as attentive and morphed into a commonly made faux pas – only paying attention to the deserving higher paying masters i.e. people who order wine or walk in with a foreigner. I appreciate their kind efforts to banter or assist in phototaking but that is just it, Gaia is as ordinary as there is and maybe worthy of a return for the angel hair pasta. 

Gaia Ristorante
Goodwood Park Hotel

Selfish Gene Cafe
40 Craig Road

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