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Food Republic at Suntec City Relaunched!

Special thanks to Yiling for the invite and the Food Republic Team for hosting us!

Prior to this invite, I never quite knew each Food Republic outlet has a different theme and they do not replicate successful themes twice - so fans of the library concept, woe to us - the beautiful setup will remain etched in our memories as a memorable concept. Replacing it is their latest with a White Garden theme, embellished with a glass façade and a minimalist, modern design. Mood lighting and exquisite tableware is used to exude the premium feel that the atrium associates with its food.

There are a couple of new additions to their tenants and we had the privilege to check out some old and new favourites.


Chai’s Original Fish Soup
Double Fish Soup ($5)

double fish

Fish Soup is one of those soup dishes that I would make a beeline for in a foodcourt or hawker center. Having to choose between fried and fresh fish always gets me riled so double happiness for those who cannot choose and want to have the best of both worlds. The milky broth is delicious for a start and both cuts are adequately seasoned, I love the addition of bitter gourd in this, double yums! 


Sergeant Chicken Rice
Steamed Chicken Rice ($5)


The steamed chicken and roast chicken were tender cuts and rice was a tad dry. The chilli paste and sticky black sauce were great accompaniments however. 


Gu Zao Mian
No. 1 Kway Teow Soup ($6)

kuay teow

This is befitting of comfort food all in a bowl - just like the Japanese have their dons, we have our kuay teow noodle bowls. Find slivers of pork, abalone mushrooms and prawns alongside minced pork in this bowl of tasty steaming hot noodle soup.

yong tau foo

Fu Lin
Min 6. Pcs, dry ($4.50)

laksa mee

Their flagship store at Siglap draws 1000 customers daily and fans no longer need to trudge all the way East to fix their craving for Ampang Yong Tau Foo. Their signature minced meat sauce on laksa noodle is no easy feat - the combination is delicious and well balanced in taste. Sticking to their "no pork no lard" policy, I was pleasantly surprised that the minced meat could pass off as pork. Their items are deep fried and doused in their perfected minced chicken and mushroom gravy which ups the flavour by several notches. 


Chinatown Tan’s Tutu: Coconut and Peanut Tutu
3 pcs $3
10 pcs $6
 Plain 70c

  kueh tutus

Since the first bite at Vivocity's outlet, I have not looked back. These dense floury local delights come in two flavours; peanut and coconut. I personally favour peanut for its sweet nutty fillings. 

yong tau foo

Avocado milkshake to wash the yummylicious down - this was a decently thick and delicious shake!

Every trip to Food Republic is more than just a pay-eat-kthxbye experience, with carefully crafted themes, it is quite a journey to wherever they want to bring us. I look forward to returning for their Thunder Rice and Kueh Tutus!

Food Republic
Suntec City

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