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Ember Revisited @ Keong Siak Road


Ember, yet again. For the birthday no less rather than hem and haw and rack my brains silly for a place to eat – I went back to where the heart adores. Chef celebrated 10 years last December with a revamp of the menu, rather an improvement of what has made them the top choice place for celebrations and get togethers and even dates.


Menu with the usual favourites. 


Butter me up!


Tomato bread we meet again – the first loaf was over baked, the second was how it should be and the third – I should have known not to be so greedy.

razor clam

Chargrilled bamboo clam with spicy mentaiko

Served lukewarm, this was served in bite portions and oh-so-tasty! Spicy mentaiko could have been mistaken for belachan.


Crabcake with mustard with hazelnut tuile and crab emulsion

The crisp breaded exterior gave way to a tight ball of shredded crabmeat. This was less flavourful as compared to the bamboo clam but still a delight on its own.


Crab pasta with konbu and Asian spices, brandy

On the spicy side, it tasted quite like mee kia with a brilliant balance of spice and brandy. Loved the flavour and addictiveness.

poached egg

Pan roasted foie gras with fried maitake, porcini sauce and 1 hr poached egg

This has been a personal favourite for the longest time but for this meal, it was a tad too much to bear towards the middle. Too rich for comfort though I forcefully wiped the plate clean – foie gras is always too good to waste.

parma ham chip

Always intrigued by the parma chip.


Pan roasted USDA Prime beef tenderloin with seasonal mushroom, Merlot reduction

Still as tender and still ranks second on the list of favourites. The merlot reduction could do with a bit less sugar.

pork belly

12 hour cooked pork belly with savoy cabbage, apple puree and spiced calvados sauce

Portions have clearly be shrinking and still shrinking much to my disdain – though it looks the same but same same but different applies. The crust was treated differently this time though I cannot pinpoint what. I love how this sio bak does not have a gamey aftertaste nor is over fatty. The pairing of apple was a hit for me but miss for the companion Savoy cabbage and bacon makes this a strong contender for zi char.

The memory failed me when it came to ordering desserts – I have infact tried everything they have!

apple pie

Apple Pie with Vanilla Bean Icecream

banana pie

Banana Tart with Vanilla Bean Icecream

The pastry is always so awesome – crispy and flaky at the same time.


Tea or coffee to round up the meal. 

Ember seemed to have lost some sparkle this visit, somewhat less enjoyable than the previous visits yet despite that, I wish it is just a bad day in the kitchen. 

Set Dinner $85++

Keong Siak Road

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