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De Burg @ Bukit Merah

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Mention gourmet burgers at hawker prices and I gladly welcome the suggestion. De Burg is no stranger to foodies, in fact they have been blogged to death and will be opening up a second outlet soon. Housed in a eating house that is occupied by three other stalls, namely beverage and a western food stall. In fact, it seems that the whole eatery is meant for the customers of De Burg - especially with the checked table cloths that don most tables.


Beers with burgers anyone?


These are recommended with their grilled eats and were it not for the cough, I would have gladly made the pairing.


Buzzers help to manage the expectations of time, at least I was waiting for it to buzz than waiting for a waiter to arrive.


Two page menu with squiggly lines of items.

chicken popcorn

Popcorn Chicken ($4)

Hunger did get the better of us since De Burg believes that burgers are not fastfood hence giving full explanation for the longer than usual waiting time required.

At first glance, the portions were terribly measly. I still stand by my verdict that they are measly but possibly the best popcorn chicken around - better than KFC, hot off the fryer and absolutely crunchy and juicy. I salivate at the mere mention.


The Desiree ($29.90)
Chips, Bacon, Cheese, 200g AUS Beef Patty, 200g Lamb Patty, 200g BBQ Sauce, Salad, Tomato, Onion, Mayonnaise


All of juicy, the patties were piled on top of each other and it was quite a sight with a dagger sticking out. Theatrics aside, it was a solid burger. Fries were hardly impressive though it came with it as part of the works.

crab burger

Crab Burger ($14.50)
100g Crab Patty, De Burg Mega Power Salted Egg Sauce

By normal circumstances I would have opted for a beef burger, but salted egg crab was just too droolicious by description to ignore. The crab patty was just a patty made by stirring the crabmeat and salted egg sauce together to form a patty which hopefully would not fall apart too soon. I still credit them for the burger buns charred at the edges which is rare in the burger-sphere here. The taste was not great, seriously. Salted egg is actually a wonderful ingredient to work with since the savouriness is quite an addiction for me, yet it was ordinarily nice.

The burgers are not Singapore's best, though I could slap on the other accolades of juicy, value for money and gourmet burgers. I would return for the beefy ones next, at least these are cheaper than and made's!

De Burg
119 Bukit Merah Lane 1

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