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CUT by Wolfgang Puck @ Marina Bay Sands

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Valentine’s Day came and went and trust the bf to be sweet enough to book us a table at CUT – pictures are terrible though because light was just beyond comprehension bad even when there is a brighter area for others. Tough luck for us I guess!

Trust me to be guessing for weeks based on his clue of

“A man-made wonder,
A wonderland for man,
Honey bees holding bets.”

Yes and he is romantic and poetic like that. MBS opened up their expo carpark that resembled a garage of some sort specially to accommodate the influx of visitors for this day so I had absolutely no clue where we were headed to till I spied the familiar carpet (oh yes, that is what event management does to you.)

eye folds

Cooling eye pads which he insisted I wore to blindfold, yes, I'm a closet hello kitty fan. 


CUT it was then – I must have talked about it to death.

We were shown a table snug enough to fit two, have my bag hanging precariously on a bag hanger (I have my issues with them somehow) and my flowers kept aside for me. It was packed – full, at some point much to the amusement of the kiasu boyfriend who called a month ahead to book.

cheese sticks

Bread selection of onion foccacia, pretzel, multi grain and olive. The personal favourites went to the soft onion foccacia that had an unbeatable fragrance, the delish cheese stick as well as dense pretzel. I give them credit for the numerous rounds of refills that came by without request.

cheese buns

The mini cheese buns with the cheesy center - loves!


Siberian Sturgeon d'Aquilaine Caviar, Lemon Herb Blinis

The amuse bouches of crackers with i-forgot-what. It was as forgettable as that, unfortunately.

seafood platter

Seafood Platter, Maine Lobster, Fanny Bay Oysters, Poached Prawns, Spicy Tomato Horseradish

Seafood platter for two to kick start the meal. I am enthralled by seafood platters all the time – largely for the display, ice and crustaceans and the huge plate to make the whole dish seem more rara than usual. Most were dipped in brine, save for the oyster. Larger than life are the seafood – from prawns to crab claws. Yet, missing out on any of the star dust that I expected from a platter like that. If anything, the sea kelp was delicious.

filet mignon

U.S.D.A. Prime, Filet Mignon, 170g, Brandy Whole Grain Mustard Sauce

I tend to be so bowled over by Morton Bar’s Filet Mignon that I forget time and again that the lean cut is hardly great for grilling. It resulted in a dry texture and not so great afterall.


U.S.D.A. Prime, Rib Eye Steak, 395g, House Made Steak Sauce

His cut was way better though – perfect in every sense of beefy, well charred and succulent. So this is what CUT is about I suppose.

Their mains came with much fanfare.

Wild Field Mushrooms with Shishito Peppers
Roasted Baby Artichokes, Sun Chokes, Parsley, Lemon
Pommes Aligot, Cantal, Fontina, Mozarella

Loved the cheese graniated potato purree, all of rich and smelly and sticky like glutinous rice. Ask me not how they do it but it was really good. The others of greens and bulbs were rather ordinary.

palette cleanser

Fizzy Lemon Cream, Coconut Frozen Mousse, Blackberry Yogurt Sherbet

Palette cleanser of waves of sour, refreshing indeed.


Tres Leche Cake, Three Milks' Soaked Sponge, Almond Jelly, Citrus Crisp, Mandarin Orange Sorbet

I thought this was rather mediocre with clashing flavours, mainly because I am not a fan of all things soggy.


Meyer Lemon Baked Alaska, Dark Chocolate Chiffon, Chocolate Cream, Raspberries

Way better than the other dessert, the contrast of flavours lovely and the alaska was a beauty to crack open.

Hype usually sets the bar high up and the experience of CUT. We pretty much ate in darkness given the dim lighting and it was not too great having a small table in the first place. We were not wowed the same way that the raving reviews have placed this – I had a better time at the bar than the restaurant proper though.


The carpark which I failed to nab a shot when it was filled with rows of cars, I actually thought I was in a car showroom. 

CUT by Wolfgang Puck
Marina Bay Sands

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