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CNY2013 Nibbles


A superduperreallyverylate entry on CNY, one that I wolf down goodies guiltlessly yet whine nonstop about the tightfitting cheongsams. Here's one for remembrance's sake!

pineapple tarts
Pineapple Golf Balls ($20.20)
L.E. Café

I made sure I pre-ordered them way in advance this year – at least a month ahead for collection and there were price hikes every week till CNY. How sneaky! Nonetheless, I managed to secure enough bottles to go round and stuff myself silly. These famous golf balls are large and buttery but the stuffing is still as sour – if not the most sour ever. I’m not sure if I will keep them on the must buy list next year though – haughty attitudes to bear too!

lychee cookies

Lychee Cookies
Home’s Favourite

Year after year, I would walk past their booth and sample their daring creations - black pineapple tarts and durian cookies to name a few. Lychee cookies were sold out almost three weeks before and we had to make pre-orders for these insanely fragrant ones. I am no fan of crumbly melt in my mouth cookies but this turned the tables on me. Loved the lychee bits embedded and addictively fragrant cookie!

Pineapple Bak Kwa
Kim Peng Hiang

Always a family favourite and I always lose stomach space and tons of calories to accomodate this sinful snack. Pineapple makes this super tender too!

lotus chips

Fried Lotus Chips
Hoe Seng Chinese Cake Shop and Trading

Lotus Chips instead of arrowhead that I missed out yet again. These had an oily aftertaste which I am not a fan of.

almond cookies

Almond Cookies
Hoe Seng Chinese Cake Shop and Trading 

Almond cookies which were really ordinary.

preserved fruit

Instead of sugared lotus seeds, it was preserved fruit from Umeya, all for a sweet start!


Love Letters
First Choice

Once again missing out on True Blue's premium love letters, I made do with the cheaper relative - supermart brands. This year, they were less crunchy somehow.

CNY Nibbles

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  1. to each's own, but i've never found LE cafe's pineapple jam sour! the lady boss can be pretty nice sometimes, she gave my mum and i free samples when we bought our cny goodies haha.

  2. @stargirl: heh could be a batch thing, i only buy them during cny though. lucky you!!