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Chye Seng Huat Hardware @ Tywhitt Road


Nostalgia + Best coffee in town = CCSH.


Enter from the side door instead of this make believe shopfront.

Equation is simple, in fact it is a very brilliant concept possibly inspired by G.O.D. If I may correctly point out, nostalgia is the over arching structure for this business plan. Think five stone necklaces and tees made for a second glance, that probably sums their concept shop up. 

I would not entirely strike it off as inaccessible yet it is not as "within walking distance" as Antoinette is from Lavender Station. The place is squeezy-peasy-any-fatter-and-I'll-get-squashed kind of cosy. Rake thin customers please by all means yet anyone above BMI of 23 may consider just getting outdoor seats as those within may prove arduous to manoeuvre beyond coffee and mains. I cannot fathom drinking coffee or even eating a scone at 12 noon. 


Easy to comprehend menu with limited choices. 

Ordering is not brainless but the lack of system makes this chaotic somewhat. Imaginery queue lines that we adhere to, orders get placed and a number tag follows me back. I truly gawk at how waiters figure which tables ordered what when the tags are no taller than the salt and pepper shakers. Amaze me they did when my orders came promptly. 


Barristers hard at work.  


Packed everywhere! 

chicken patties

Chicken Patties ($12.50)
Lime leaf, diced chilli, coriander

Remarkably juicy patties, puts Farmland to shame indeed. These slightly bouncy patties are made from scratch with peppers and parsley tossed in for that touch of homemade. Paired with thai chilli sauce, it was a delightful appetizer


Trio Sausage Platter ($17)
Chicken, beef, pork sausage with garlic mashed potatoes, mixed greens and saukeraut

I always get excited at Bangers and Mash on the menu, I highly suspect Enid Blyton had a part to play in this - sizzlin' sausages on the breakfast pan. Portions are ginormous kind of generous and I only had one favourite - 


Hand Brewed, Bold ($6)

The coffee addict loved it - the rich aroma and flavours were hard to miss. The best wake up call for the morning.

Coffee from Papa Palheta, nothing to fault and possibly the best Singapore has to offer, the coffee makers know their roast and what they are dealing with. Loved the open door concept of The Annex where sessions are held to know more about them beans.  

I wish I had space for their hotselling tea cakes, some day I'll be back!       

Chye Seng Huat Hardware
150 Tyrwhitt Road 

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