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Cedele surprises

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I secretly harbour a wish of trying every single flavour of cake Cedele has. Like the Mom always says - I seem to have a warped obsession of collecting objects of desire in colours, oh well in this case, flavours. It probably is like a hobby - from the most basic stamp collecting or toddler years of stickers to insane ones that bring collectors across countries in search for that missing piece. I would probably do that for food franchises, Mcdonalds or Pierre Herme.

Yes, you get the drift. Cedele is one of those few places that I would not mind trying everything they have to offer. So let's just start the ball rolling with their cakes and bakes.

pear frangipane

Pear Frangipane ($3)
Buttery crust with Almost Flourless Almond cake topped with Vanilla poached Packham Pears

One of the new releases for CNY, it comes in 5 other flavours. I thought the name had a nice ring to it - moist butter cake with saccharine sweet poached pears. A perfect tea delight.

blueberry maple

Blueberry Maple Cake ($5.30)

Deliciously moist wholewheat cake baked with fresh blueberries and frosted with maple syrup frosting. Organic unrefined sugar used.


Deliciously moist, I concur. The wholewheat cake reminded of banana cake for its moistness and uber complementary maple syrup frosting - reminded of that on the carrot walnut cake. Maple syrup was reminiscent throughout the bites.

mushroom quiche

Quiche ($6)

On the greasy side but spinach, mushrooms and ham is a combination that hardly goes wrong. The pastry was really hearty as well.


Almond Cinnamon Slice Cookie ($1.30)
Quite like suggee cookie, a melt in your mouth kind.


Roselle Tea

While I adored the crimson hue of this, the tea was sour-based and really acquired.

Their chilled takeaway cakes seem to be alot less fresher than the sliced ones.

gula melaka

Pandan Gula Melaka Cake

It was a special edition released for Hari Raya quite a number of years back and I suppose it must have been widly popular hence it was made a permanent fixture on the menu – pandan chiffon cake with gula Melaka frosting.

pandan cake

I thought it acquired though, the gula Melaka soaked through to the cake at some point, making it more soggy than usual.


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  1. <3 <3 the blueberry maple! My fav!

  2. ooo...i'll get their pandan gula melaka cake next time:)--adel