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Bomba @ Martin Road

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Bomba one evening for a get-together and first up, we were slapped with a timing restriction: table was only available from 630 – 815pm. Yet when we arrived, the place was hardly as packed as the reservations suggest.


Replacing Graze at Martin's road, here's counters for people watching.


Plates for sharing dishes.


A decently filled menu.

cloudy apple

Fruit drinks clearly out of a can - cloudy apple anyone?


Iberico Ham Croquettas (3pcs, $12)

Each table spotted one, just like croquettes are a must try at Spanish tapas places.


These oily breaded balls are nothing to shout about – creamy filling with iberico ham bits.


Spicy Watercress, Chorizo and Pear ($14)

While chorizo and pear were easy to spot, spicy watercress is hardly the case since it was just greens to me.

Clams ($20)

Plump fresh clams with a rich tasting broth to match.

Fresh marinated anchovies with olive oil, xeres vinegar and parsley ($19)

These anchovies on toast were refreshing with the dash of vinegar, on the fence about this.

The bomb, with granulated potao and tender as can be octopus slices. Possibly one of the better octopus appetizers for Spanish Tapas in Singapore!


Catch of the day ($42)

This promptly was crossed out from the chalk board of daily specials after we ordered it. I fancied it little with the fishyness seeping into every bite and well, the slices of lemon and herbs hardly lifted the taste.

suckling pig

Front and Back Leg and Rib ($60)

Served till sold out for portions of the suckling pig whilst the full works require 2 days notice. I suppose the prized front and back leg were sold out since we ended up with half a face, one hoof and parts that seemed to be inedible. The crispy skin was initially gratifying but ended up soggy whilst the meat was too gamey and porky to appreciate. It was nowhere near the crisp-oily-flavourful pork memory ever. We were all thankful the full pig did not cross our minds.

Langoustine Squid and Prawns Paella ($80)

The dish we were all waiting for finally arrived in what looked like a flat cauldron studded with seafood – it looked like seafood heaven. The grains soaked up the flavoursome broth, happiness in every bite. The rich seafood taste may prove to be too much for some after awhile. Langoustines were a personal favourite of this paella pan, delicious leggy creatures!
no service charge 

Another that waives service charge, loving that bit of it!

Bomba is a paella bar and aptly positioned so – their other Spanish signatures are hardly as hit as the paella is.

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  1. Wow that suckling pig dish looks horrible! Most of the dish is the head.. i would have sent that back!

  2. @anon: sigh yes, the worst bang of the buck. awful attempt.

  3. I liked the paella, though I found it a tad salty and heavy, prefer something even lighter in touch.

  4. @daniel's food diary: heh, yeah admittedly really strong and definitely too much if eaten alone. :) Yet, one of the better ones around!