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ABC Market Eats

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Friends have been saying how good ABC market is and we caved in, at last. Possibly the only hawker center around that dispenses vouchers for spending at their market – how upmarket is that!

Wow Wow West


Chicken Chop ($6)

Well grilled and portion was huge! Old school is canned baked beans, gravy soaked fries and a really creamy coleslaw, the only thing missing is a toasted bun to make this walk down memory land complete!


Pork Cheese Sausage ($3)

I always enjoy a good sausage – read: I can taste real meat! Delicious to the last bite and a really good recommendation made by the owner, a spunky pretty lass. Definitely a must order!

Yong Kee Famous Fish Ball Noodle


Fish Ball Soup ($3.50)

I do not particularly enjoy fish balls, neither was I moved to tears to love it the way the other fans do. Ordinary fish balls.
hokkien mee

Hokkien Mee

The elderly uncle frying noodle and heaps of accolades on the walls is no indication of the standard of hokkien mee which fell below expectations. Lacking in flavour.

Gu Zao Ren Taiwan Porridge 

dou miao

Stir Fried Dou Miao ($9)

Pricey vegetable dish.

Decent food at very decent prices and most stalls are open so hooray for variety!

ABC Market
6 Jalan Bukit Merah

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  1. Wow Wow West is run by the uncle and auntie who used to have the same stall at RI - according apparently, generations of young school boys have gorged themselves on the huge portions...

  2. @C: wow, that's trivia to know! Are you from RI alumnus?