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The Bank + Bistro @ Asia Square

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bank bar

This is usually packed to bits during happy hour and by the time we paid it a visit slightly over 9pm, it was close to swapping flies. 




Time for a delayed happy hour.  


Or maybe bar food!


Chilli Nachos ($15.90)

Great for lounging infront of the telly with a big bowl of this – drenched in nacho cheese, sour cream and japelenos. I wish I had more stomach space for it. 


Calamari with House Chilli Dip ($15.90)

For a lack of a better phrase - crispy and deep fried. 


Comes with a house salad that was not too bad, really!


The Bank Gym Pick ($26)

Ordinary grilled fish dish, the staleness could not elude even when grilled. I say, stick with bar food at bars.

pimms lemon

Pimms Cocktail ($16)

My favourite Brit cocktail! This was nicely done, sweet and slightly zesty. 

choc martini

Chocolate Martini ($16)

The gf was pleased so I guess it was sweet enough. 

gin and tonic

The Bank’s G and T ($17)

Feeling macho, the companion decided to go with a classic Gin and Tonic which turned out looking feminine. 


Whiskey fan nods in approval. 

The Bank + Bistro
Asia Square

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