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SAVOUR by Nespresso Media Launch

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Special thanks to Dixie for the invite!


SAVOUR is back! One whole year of anticipation and it’s finally back with a vengeance. The team kindly put together a launch and sneak peek into what to expect in April!

Hilarity is having the invite sent to my place in a box and the blur one at home thought it was cake and sent it into the fridge. Yes, my invite was well chilled when I received it but amongst other things, there was an apron – for hands on sessions!

The event was held at Fairmont’s Ballroom, a really intimate affair yet a great teaser of what to expect in the coming months.

Nespresso is the main sponsor of SAVOUR 2013 and we were treated to a round of drinks to kickstart the night.


Bartender hard at work. 

roman espresso martini

Happy hour at their counter with a sexy Roma Espresso Martini topped with coffee beans – somewhat meant for both the ladies and men without being too pretty-please-kind-of-sweet.


For the non alcoholics, there are honey cooler and almond cream coolers. Both were laced with caffeine and were really delightful!

mini tiramisu

Mini tiramisu shooters to prep us for the interactive session ahead. 

The first hands on session involved making my first tiramisu under the guidance of Chef from Prego. Such is an honour learning from an Italian!

cream bags

Mascarpone cheese!


Sponge cake to replace fingers. 


Finished product.


Ready to cap. 


Simply made under 5 minutes, here’s me and my pretty tiramisu! These tasted really good - creamy and lethal.

chef moon

Chef Moon Kyung Soo from Mikuni was perhaps the maindraw of the night with his presentation of three specially prepared dishes for the event. Since the days of Inagiku, it was high on the list and when it was replaced with a Korean Chef doing Japanese, I had my reservations somehow.\


Sukiyaki Egg Custard

Egg dishes in egg shells seem to be a popular item on most menus – at least in SAVOUR 2012, this was common sight. Mikuni presents their interpretation with froth, served lukewarm it was all of beautiful flavours put together.


Truffle Kampachi

The day’s fresh catch – carpaccio with a dash of ingredients. All of fresh and tangy. I could have eaten this elsewhere but the novelty of opening a can to uncover the ingredients is still fun! These are canned 30 minutes before being sold so fret not about freshness.


Guess what's baking!


Sakura Pork Belly Shio Gama Yaki

Quiver with delight at the mention of this impeccably well executed dish. Absolutely melt in my mouth awesome, the caramelized layer was just too good. I would seriously consider this the wagyu of all pork bellies! I only wish the lotus leaf is part of the dish!


Jason’s Market Place has 175 types of cheeses from around the world and they will be bringing in fusion cheese for the event – think wasabi cheese from USA!


We had a good selection of six cheese to taste and each was as delicious. In the short interaction, we were told that cheese producers make up to 1 million euros a year (I want to be a cheese famer!) and the taste of cheese changes throughout seasons – acorns make up for a nuttier taste in winter as opposed to a diet of grass and water.




Sticky balsamico that went so well with cheese.




Tired of soda losing gas after being left out for an hour? Ever dreamt of a fizzy drink that could remain fizzy the way champagne remains bubbly? Visit SodaStream's booth!


Mind boggling range of flavours. 


Soon to be launched.


Penguin alert!

Make your own soda literally with this newly launched machine that pumps in gas to the tunes of two farts or a gentle whistling by a penguin shaped machine. From 40 cents per litre, one can only imagine how much profit the bigboys are making. Nonetheless, this is great fun and innovative too!


Apple fizz.



phoon huat

New addition this year!


Phoon Huat brings cake making to a new high – just shake for all of 10 seconds and the batter is ready to bake! Great for amateurs like me! There will be cake decorative classes during the show – great for kids!


Introducing Shake and Bake!


Completed works of display.


After decorating.


Here's my companion's decorated cupcake - love the shimmer!


Not only for wine connoisseurs, there is an interactive corner for the interested to concoct your very own preferred taste – take a swivel from merlot, chardonnay and carbernet sauvignon.  



This year's event will take place from April 10 - 13, mark your calendars because I've marked mine down!

SAVOUR by Nespresso
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