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Gavroche Brasserie Revisited @ Tras Street

Some weeks back, a tribute to my late grandma won me some food credits at Gavroche Brassiere – a return in fact for me since the last visit was made one year back!

Something to remember this post for.




Clever use of napkin ring.


All too familiar parmesan cheese choux puffs which were served up almost immediately. These were easy to pop and well, if only they were a tad hotter.


Poilane bread with butter, these gave us an idea what to expect for the appetizer. I definitely expected more from a French place that aims to share the love of Paris to the locals here. 

marrow on toast

Bone marrow on toasted Poilane bread with garlic confit ($19)

Toasted till crunchy, the bone marrow and garlic confit looked alike – in their bulb sized portions. Never in my wildest dreams would I have expected bone marrow to taste like foie gras kind of unctuous. Garlic confit possibly stood out best for its potato texture – quite a miss I say!

duck confit

Shredded duck confit with crushed potatoes gratinated ($32)

This was recommended over Grandpa Henri’s Quenelle dish and no regrets! One deconstructed duck confit dish that I will not hesitate ordering time and again. Loved the tender shreds of duck meat with gratinated potatoes which gave it a better bite. Best part of it is the crumbs that they sprinkled to form a beautiful golden yellow crust. Two thumbs up delicious! 


Hand-cut Angus beef with condiments and French fries ($34)


Still as good though the doneness was hardly like how the French do it – a request for medium came medium well but the French usually interpret that as medium rare. Nonetheless, a beautifully executed dish – juicy and well flavoured. 


The fries were extra crispy too! 


Beans ($8)

A little overcooked and pricey but this was the next best alternative to creamed spinach that was out of stock. 


Complimentary madeleines on the way out. 

A cosy French affair that would elicit revisits yet the service is touch and go. While the Jude Law of waiters and Sienna Miller of waitress was nowhere to be seen, it is still a place that has visually very pleasing servers and decently good food.

Gavroche Brasserie Revisited
66 Tras Street

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