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Din Tai Feng for Chinese New Year!

Special thanks to Leen for making this possible!

I may have missed out on wishing one and all a prosperous new year - Snake-ishly prosperous in every aspect and tons of good fortune!

din tai feng

Din Tai Feng celebrates this new year with two dishes - heartwarming Peanut Glutinous Rice balls and Golden Fortune Yu Sheng which you will read more about further down the entry. Meanwhile, I find myself returning to Din Tai Feng religiously for their famed xiao long baos - the prodigal's daughter has returned, after being disloyal time and again.


Starting of the meal with seaweed appetizer ($3.50), refreshing and a generous portion to quell hunger!

table mat

With every order of yusheng, tables get lined with a paper mat to prevent excess spillage from messying the table beyond the edges of the paper.


Golden Fortune Yu Sheng comes in two sizes - standard (2-4 pax), deluxe (8-10 pax) and available in two topping options - Smoked salmon (standard $38.80, deluxe $58.80) or Abalone (deluxe $88.80). Norwegian salmon and Tian Jin's roasted chestnuts adorn the already very pretty looking dish. Hardly do I get my yusheng presented in such daintiness.

yam sticks

Comes with yam strips ($3.80 per extra serving) to replace the usual crispy crackers.


Drizzled with their self-concocted sweet and tangy plum sauce blending the ingredients together.


The aftermath of tossing. The balance is wonderful and fine tasting, probably brings chinese salad to a new high. Most yushengs either end up too saucy or raw but this is just right. If this could have more longevity in salad bars, I would gladly render my loyalty.


Xiao Long Bao ($9.50, 10 pcs)

I suppose this is consistently good – I probably do not douse anything so generously with vinegar till xlb. Worthy of the Michelin stars.


Prawn and Pork Dumpling

prawn siew mai

In comparison, this is possibly the poorer cousin. The handiwork is rougher and taste less exquisite.


Yang Chun Noodle ($6)

A simple dish put together and done well again, loved the smooth noodles.

pork chop

Pork Chop Fried Rice ($9.90)

Whilst most allude to Seafood Fried Rice, I prefer the combination of two best sellers - pork chop and fried rice. The chewy grains are hardly oily and in fact have enough wok hei to give the cantonese fried rice a good run for the money.

dou miao

Stir Fried Dou Miao ($11.80)

Non descript greens.

ah ballings

Peanut Glutinous Rice Balls ($6.80)


Mildly sweet peanut soup with peanut ah ballings – perfect for winter solistice and a different kind of tong shui as compared to cream of red bean.

Riceballs were available from 1- 31 January 2013.
Yusheng will be available till 24 February 2013. (Available at all outlets except Parkway Parade).

This still explains why queues at every outlet is neverending - even at the most secluded ones. Hearty chinese fare at reasonable prices. 

Din Tai Feng

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