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Airport lunch

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Even when we were rushing for a plane, we could still steal time off for a quick lunch. New Chitose Airport is a gourmet haven with half a floor of souvenir shops, 3 floors of eateries with Royce Chocolate World on one (I wish I had time for that!).


Stopped by this seemingly empty eatery on the 3rd floor - for the first time, we deliberately picked one without crowds.


Soft spot for oden developed towards the end of the trip. Loved the braised broth and variety of ingredients.


Cabbage slices with sticky sauce.


Beef yakitori - nobody does it bad seriously.


Pork Belly was a tad oily but I loved the char grilled fragrance.


Still insistent on seafood since Hokkaido is the land of fresh catch. Simple happiness and was good enough to fill us before taking on the domestic flight out!

Albeit quick but it was a filling and affordable lunch! Worth the while.

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