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4Fingers @ Ion Orchard

Horrific queues for this fastfood joint and we decided to join in the fun – at least 20 minutes in queue that barely moved because there was only one person manning the counter.


Buzz away, please. Not so fastfood afterall.


6 pcs Combo ($9.95)

A choice of wings and drumlets for this saucy dish. Somewhat like prawn paste chicken only stickier and truly asian in taste. What is the fuss here? Perhaps the extra crispy skin and that is about it. I would have been more satisfied with juicy IKEA wings.


Chicken Burger Meal ($9.95)

Another head scratching ordeal – what is the great deal? None too fancy, Double McSpicy would have trumped this for spice and juice and may I add, size.

Not worth the wait, not worth the hype.

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