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Christmas lasts for twelve days

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I love Christmas as much as I love gatherings. Last Christmas we had the mightiest cook out and of course, store bought pastries to end the meal. I miss christmas too much to let this entry go in 2012. :P

dessert platter

Party Set, $32

Coffeebean has hardly disappointed in the numerous times that I have opted for takeaway sets. The set consisted of Christmas stolen, raspberry crumble, chocolate mint cup and brownie which elicited a number of oohs and aahs. Until we sunk our teeth into these dessert morsels, all was silent. Totally disappointing with dry and hard dessert bites. I wish that neither was portioned so big to be honest. The previous good impression washed down the drain because Coffeebean has seen way better days.


Gingerbread Man, $3.80, Wild Honey

These chocolate looking gingerbread men were crumbly and very soft.


Gingerbread Man, $3, Coffeebean and Tea Leaf

Thankfully this still tasted the same! It is a pity that neither had a ginger aftertaste like my favourite ginger bread cookies have. There are moments where I question if these are Mooncake cookies in disguise read: piglets eaten during mid autumn.

Truth be told, I lost some enthusiasm about logcakes this year – hence not having any at all!!

And as the year starts with christmas ending, I hope every one is sober enough to realise it's a spankin' new year ahead!

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