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Unveiling the success of Crabtree and Evelyn

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Crabtree and for sure more than a toiletries brand. I dig their handcreams most, love the packaging to bits and well of course, there is a corner that intrigues me most every visit - fine foods! Jams, cookies, fudges and even tea...I only wish they had a cafe to go with it too. Here's a few of what makes it to my christmas stocking and shopping basket every few months.


Tins of happiness. 

oat and fruit crumble

Fruit and oatmeal crumble 

 Like a Christmas cake, this crumble was crunchy and oaty, healthy much! Chocolate chip shortbread This was like harrods shortbread, forgettable and very commercial.

chocolate chip shortbread 

Chocolate Chip Shortbread

No fan of shortbread, this light buttery cookie was studded with generous chocolate chips.

choc chip

Double Chocolate Chip

Decadent treat! The rich chocolate cookie is suffice to chase away any blues, much less double!

strawberry cream

Strawberries and Cream

Love the strawberry flavoured jellies as much as the creamy squirts. Delightful cookie methinks.

orange butter snaps 

All Butter Orange

The biscuit thins were zesty but too buttery for comfort.

crabtree steals

Irresistible festive specials.

ginger cookies

Festive Spiced Ginger Biscuits

Reads gingerbread cookies. Incredibly crunchy and fragrant too! The balance of ginger is so spot on for this. Perfect with coffee, tea and even on its own. I wish they'd make this permanent..or perhaps I should just stock up on these limited editions.

xmas pud

Christmas Pudding Cookies

Just fruit cookies, these were dense and chewy. Still not too huge a fan, maybe the fruit cake works better.

Their fine foods are priced premium, at 18 buckeroos per tin it is definitely not cheap but quality cookies I say!  I hope you have a better idea of which flavours to buy should you be considering which to use as stocking fillers this christmas!

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